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Artisanal Cocktail Recipes

pear and cranberry cocktail

By combining just-picked ingredients, seasonal fruit, fresh herbs and mixing them with premium spirits you are not only pleasing the palate, but you are creating a piece of art for you and your guests to enjoy. So, let's get shaking and create some artisanal cocktails. To start we are going to mix up Sparkling Ginger, Pear & Cranberry Cocktail followed by the recipe to make Homemade Pomegranate liqueur.
All created by Oregon wedding photographer Jon Upchurch Photography. Who by the way is ultra wonderful, so you must go here and check out all of his work while you are sipping on these hand-crafted cocktails.

anjou pear


Sparkling Ginger, Pear & Cranberry Cocktail Recipe Ingredients
2 tablespoons dry cranberries
1 red anjou pear
2 tablespoons of finely grated fresh ginger
1/2 cup organic pear nectar
32 ounces Moscato d'Asti wine
8 small sprigs of fresh rosemary

shaved ginger

dry cranberries

Sparkling Ginger Pear Cranberry Cocktail

1. Put cranberries in a small bowl, add 2 tablespoons of warm water, let soak until cool (about 15 minutes)
2. Drain, pat dry, and refrigerate until serving
3. Thinly slice red anjou pear
4. Add 1/2 cup pear nectar to each glass
5. Add 1/4 tablespoon of ginger to each glass
6. Add a few cranberries and pear slices to each glass
7. Gently pour Moscato d'Asti into each glass until full
8. Garnish with a rosemary sprig

Homemade Pomegranate Liqueur

Homemade Pomegranate Liqueur Recipe Ingredients
6 Pomegranates
3 Meyers Lemons
2 Cinnamon Sticks
3 Cups Vodka
1 1/2 Cups Sugar
1 Cup Water

winter cocktail ideas

Tools Large Glass Canning Jar Large Bowl Pairing Knife Peeler Measuring Cups Cheesecloth Saucepan Funnel Glass Bottles for Finished Liqueur Motar and Pestle

cranberry muddler

1. Extract all seed pods from pomegranates and rinse
2. Crush the pods using a motar & pestle
3. Peel lemons and slice peels into thin strips
4. Combine lemon peel, crushed pomegranate pods and juice, and cinnamon sticks in sterilized glass canning jar

homemade pomegranate liquor

5. Add 3 cups vodka to the jar, seal the jar, and store in a cool, dark location for one week (gently shake the jar every few days, to ensure even infusion of the vodka)
6. Strain liquid through several layers of cheesecloth into a large bowl, then return liquid to glass jar
7. Create simple syrup by heating sugar and water in saucepan on low heat until sugar is dissolved. Remove from heat and allow to cool.

pomegranate seeds

8. Pour simple syrup into the glass jar with pomegranate vodka liquid, seal the jar, and store for another week (gently shake the jar every few days)
9. Using a funnel and a measuring cup as a scoop, pour finished pomegranate liqueur into sterilized individual glass containers
10. Wipe lids, seal jars, and decorate with ribbon or other adornments for a fun holiday gift!

pomegrante liquor

Last but not least we need to show you what to make with that Homemade Pomegranate Liqueur. Trust us it involves fewer steps than making the liqueur, but you will get to experience all the fruits of your labor.
Pomegranate Spritzer Recipe Ingredients Champagne Homemade Pomegranate Liqueur Steps
1) Combine two parts champagne with one part Pomegranate Liqueur in chilled champagne glasses
2) Thinly slice a Meyers lemon
3) Make a small slit in each lemon slice so that it is easy to place in
4) Dip the lemon slices in sugar and then place one slice on the lip of each champagne glass
5) Place a few pomegranate seeds in each glass

pomegranate cocktail

Aaron & Emily
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