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Make Your Own Party Hats

How much did you love our Happy New Year Sign project and our Make Your Own Ribbon Backdrop? So fun … right? Well, if you are feeling extra festive – we have a super cute way to spruce up your store bought party hats. You only need a few supplies and a little bit of creativity and voilà you have something super sparkly! Such a fancy way to ring in the new year. Here is how to make your won Make Your Own Party Hats.

You will need:
Party Hats
Assorted Glitter
Spray Adhesive
Bows & Glitter Ribbon

All you need to do is spray your party hats with adhesive. Sprinkle your favorite color of  glitter all over the hat. Mix and match glitters for a super festive look.
Be sure to let them dry. After the glitter has dried you can go ahead and add  ribbon, bows, sequin or any desired embellishment. Get creative and crazy.

Prepare to step up the New Year Party with these sparkly hats. We can already see you dancing the night away in your uhh-mazing party dress with your glittery party hat. Do share what your New Year Party plans are with us. We are dying to hear what you will be up to … possibly getting engaged?