Sweet Treats + Peach Wedding Ideas

peach wedding ideas

We hope that everyone has a peachy keen Weekend!

This weeks sweet treats is inspired all things soft and sweet.

1. How much do we love love Amy Atlas? I would say she is the mother and creator of the Candy Bar. The picture is via Mel Barlow, who is also pretty spectacular.

2. Ohh J Mendel… how sweet and lovely you are. Send me a dress, I will wear it whenever. Please note I am being completely serious.

3. A heart monogram that is sweet as a peach from our favorite Betsy White

4. Ohh Martha! I wish you and I could be besties. Call me ok, again being completely serious.

5. A cake for you with sugary sweet flowers.

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  1. Love these colors! That dress is amazing!

  2. -100. Jen says:

    love the wedding cake design! its so cute!

  3. -100. My Sorted Affair says:

    Peach is my favorite color!! It is so 1986 but done right it is AWESOME!

  4. -100. jomygoodness says:

    i’ve always been a pink girl, but after seeing this, I am completely digging peach!

  5. -100. annabella brandon says:

    ooh love this.. the peach is just dreamy

  6. -100. Andreanna says:

    Oh wow, I just became a fan of peach!!

  7. -100. christina says:

    i so adore the j mendel dress!

  8. -100. silvana says:

    I love this!! So soft and elegant. Great colors.

  9. This post is amazing! All the details are gorgeous. Thanks so much for sharing.

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