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5 Reasons You’ll Want to Be Barcelona-Bound for Your Wedding

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We’ve talked about Tel Aviv weddings before, Tuscan weddings, Mexico weddings and so many more dreamy ‘I Do’ locales, but there’s just something so special about a Spanish wedding. And now that we’ve gotten to know the beautiful history behind one such iconic wedding venue, Cortal Gran, we’re all kinds of curious about what a wedding there would really be like. We’ve gotten close with the family responsible for furnishing some of the most ‘bodas hermosas,’ and not only do we want to book our flights to Barcelona RN, we’d also love to be adopted by this family… Because they live by a philosophy and commitment that all of us can be much more connected to: doing things well, embracing day-to-day joys (i.e. the little things), and allowing love to be the shining, focal point in/for everything we do. It’s their way of life and it’s something every couple can keep in mind when they’re planning their wedding.

Let’s rewind just a bit.

Cortal Gran is a family home, which has been passed down from generation to generation from the Fifteenth Century. The current owner, Juan Granada de Caramany, inherited the place in 1984, and it was in a complete state of ruin. So, he set out to fortify and re-envision the estate as a home for his family. And it was a family effort, too, as his children (daughter and current co-operator, Paula) have fond memories of its evolution. From renovating and refurbishing the whole place, to installing doors, building floors, and choosing colors for the walls, the transformative steps they took to reimagine Cortal Gran and all its splendor enlivened the spirits of the entire Granada de Caramany clan. They officially moved in 2000 and in 2011 they opened its gardens and expanded the porches and annexes in order to hold weddings and events.

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What was catalyst as a family years ago carries on today

We’ve seen a lot of husband and wife teams playing big parts in couples’ big days, but Juan and his daughter Paula are one of the first father and daughter duos we’ve seen make magic with their clients’ most celebrated days. And it’s pretty darn adorable and endearing. Paula sees things from a daughter and bride’s perspective - and can empathize with the Cortal Gran brides about what they want to see at their own wedding. Her father, on the other hand, sees the familial, global perspective on a wedding. He can understand and advocate for what a couple might want to include in their wedding day to make it the most momentous occasion in their lives thus far - and simultaneously vouch for the elements that will make it meaningful for all the day’s VIPs, family and friends who have traveled from afar, and that may even be passed down from generation to generation, the long term takeaways.

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So about those reasons why nuptials in Barcelona are the best idea ever…

Beyond the obvious authentic, flavorful fare, festive atmosphere, and overwhelming feels of romance, relaxation, sensuality, spirituality, togetherness, and love, Cortal Gran offers those getting married every opportunity to carve out intimate, fully-present alone time for themselves and kick off electric, memorable moments with the people that matter the most.

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And Juan and Paula do it with a venue that is, by all means, approachable and inviting. They love that their customers feel at home when they come to visit the estate, and they’re incredibly flexible and inspired to do anything in their power to create their magical wedding days.

Cortal Gran offers a wide range of options to host the highly-anticipated event (and capacity for over 300 guests) and even a Plan B if the weather fails to cooperate ((YAAAS)). The civil ceremony can be celebrated in various places such as the 15th-century-designed courtyard, in the lovely gardens, under the great arch, between fields of apple trees, in the forest of Cortal Gran, or even in a humble corner (yes, corner) that brilliantly takes your breath away. And the banquet can be enjoyed in multiple spaces such as the hall of vaulted arches, the large spaced porch, or in the garden under the starlight.

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A picture is worth a thousand words, but These words...

“I hope I can express myself clearly enough for anyone reading it to understand how Paula and Juan, the owners of this magnificent estate, were an indispensable part of our great day. Not only are they impeccable professionals, they are great people, father and daughter facilitated the whole process from the beginning, they helped us in everything we needed and more. We feel unconditional support at all time! When you choose Cortal Gran to celebrate your wedding, not only do you rent a space, but what this family can offer you in help and support is unimaginable. In our case it was the first venue we went to visit, we had no references, but we had seen some photos and it seemed like a magical space. After seeing the venue and getting there to know them we didn’t need to visit any other place. Just a visit and a conversation were enough to realize that this place could make our wedding a precious story.” ~ Maria & Ferran

Want feels like Maria and Ferran? Obvi you do. Reach out to Cortal Gran to make your dream wedding plan. 

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We partnered with Cortal Gran to bring you a personalized passport to the perfect Spanish wedding. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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