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5 Reasons to Get Married Wherever You Like to Getaway

Meadow and Nick Wedding Favorites at Chalet View LodgePhoto Credit:

One of the biggest questions a couple has when they finally get engaged is ‘where should we get married?’ It’s one of their most momentous occasions in life, so obvi the place where it all goes down has to be just as epic. Of course, so many logistical things factor into deciding on a venue, from price to availability, but when it comes to the qualitative reasons for picking a place - it should be resonant with your relationship, it should gel with your overall wedding vibe, and it should be a place that the two of you have a fierce fondness for. Nick and Meadow didn’t have to look very far to find their perfect wedding spot, because it was a place they loved to visit together long before getting engaged: Chalet View Lodge.

In case you’re having trouble remembering this amazing place, let this be your reminder. 

Meadow and Nick Wedding Favorites at Chalet View Lodge

It’s Chalet View Lodge and it’s a premiere place to say ‘I Do.’ The ten-acre Lost Sierra Resort in Graeagle, California, has long been a sought-after locale for destination weddings, but it’s also an oft-used wedding setting for West Coasters who love spending weekends there. And I can’t say that when my husband and I started thinking about venues for our wedding once upon a time ago, we didn’t first consider the place we had our Senior Prom (high school sweetheart thing, sorry!!) and stayed at several times over the course of our relationship.

A few things that Nick and Meadow’s nuptials taught us about getting hitched at a place that kind of already has your heart(s).

1. You’ll be adding a new chapter to your love story, but one that’s still from the same book! As much as we love the idea of hosting your wedding someplace entirely unexpected, there’s something to be said for doing it somewhere meaningful to you - perhaps where your relationship blossomed (your first trip away?), where you’ve vacationed with friends (that nostalgia adds a lot to nuptial celebrations, especially when it completes the loop - friends then and friends now, at the wedding), where you got engaged (and perhaps even took engagement photos?). Nick and Meadow got married at Chalet View Lodge, but not before having a sultry, playful, energetic, full-of-love and totally true-to-them e-session at their favorite place.

Meadow and Nick Wedding Favorites at Chalet View Lodge

2. You’ll have a feel for the lay of the land well before the wedding. Couples making it official at a venue they’ve frequented many times before definitely have the advantage. And when we say that, we mean the photo advantage. They’ve likely traversed the whole boutique resort a number of times, discovered the most luminous locations on-site to have their photos taken, and know exactly where the most intimate, secret spots are for staging that flawless first look. ((And Chalet View has lots of them)).

3. You’ll know what’s in store for your guests. Yes, it’s the couple’s day and they should enjoy every minute that they’re tying the knot, but if the last 5 years have taught us anything about millennial motivation when it comes to weddings, it’s that guest experience is truly just as VIP. So, for pairs who love going to a certain resort because they know it’ll be the most relaxing, mood-improving time (if only for a few days), they can pseudo expect that their guests will feel the same way. They’re absolutely there to take part in the duo’s grandest adventure, but they can adventure too!

Meadow and Nick Wedding Favorites Chalet View Lodge

4. You’ll be privy to the private perks, like incredible inclusive wedding packages. Chalet View Lodge affords its couples exclusive use of the entire event property, creative direction and design help from one of the resort’s exceptionally-talented wedding planners, access to the venue’s detail-elevating decor repertoire, and introductions to some of the best caterers and wedding fete professionals on the West Coast.

5. You’ll really just feel at home (home away from home). At the end of the day, planning a wedding is hella stressful. It’s blissful, for sure, but interrupted by spells of tension, agitation, frustration, exhaustion, etc. enough to make a couple wonder ‘why are we doing this?’ sometimes. That’s why choosing a venue where you feel as close to 100p yourself as possible is so clutch. Exchanging vows at a place where you’re both bound to live your best lives is 👌 - and it’ll translate into everything about your big day, from what comes across in pictures to how everyone looks (ZFG) on the dance floor.

Meadow and Nick Wedding Favorites Chalet View Lodge

Now start planning your 2020/2021 wedding or getting away before the big day!

See how Chalet View does ‘I Dos’

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