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How To Get The Perfect Wedding Dress For The Big Day

How To Get The Perfect Wedding Dress For The Big Day

Find a breathtaking designer wedding dress that reflects your style and the special moments of your bridal party with Jovani. Discover couture fabrics, detailed embellishments, and exquisite silhouettes to find a dream dress that will surely bring a tear to your eye. No matter what event or venue you envision, there is a perfect Jovani wedding dress for everyone! Stunning Jovani Wedding Dresses will make this day unforgettable. Shine in one of the most beautiful Bridal Gowns from one of the world's leading designer wedding dress designers.

How To Find Your Perfect Silhouette:

1. Mermaid Wedding Dress
One of the biggest trends in wedding fashion right now is mermaid wedding dresses, which are figure-flattering, elegant, and sure to make you feel like a princess on your big day. A Mermaid Wedding Dress is a long bridal gown that hugs your curves and skims over your body's natural shape. Because of its flattering silhouette, Mermaid Wedding Dresses are perfect for brides who want to accentuate their femininity on their big day. They're also extremely popular with plus-size brides looking for a figure-flattering look that will bring out their best features.

2. Fitted Wedding Dress
There are many different wedding dress styles, but one of the most popular in recent years is the fitted wedding dress. While some might think it's not ideal for all body types, they couldn't be more wrong! A fitted wedding dress can work on any body type, as long as you choose the right one.

If you want to look and feel your best on your big day, look at these tips on finding the most flattering fitted wedding dresses for your body type!

The way to find a flattering fit and flare dress is to identify your body type. Because of its flared silhouette, fit and flare wedding dresses are especially flattering on hourglass figures with full busts, rounded bellies, and broad shoulders. Those with a pear-shaped figure can wear almost any style of a wedding dress; however, fit and flare dresses tend to balance out your upper and lower half in ways that give you an hourglass shape.

3. Lace Wedding Dress
Lace wedding dresses are classic and elegant designs for any bride. Going for a simple and timeless dress is always a great option, and these beautiful bridalwear pieces will all stand the test of time. These dresses, available in everything from lace over satin to the most luxurious French lace, can carry you through your courtship to your children's weddings or even your second marriage! We've listed our favorite lace wedding dresses below, but they will be stunning no matter which one you choose.

4. Chiffon Wedding Dress
Chiffon is a breathable fabric that moves with you, making it ideal for warm-weather weddings. It's also very lightweight, which can be an asset if you want to wear your gown again after your big day. Plus, chiffon has a soft texture that feels luxurious on your skin. Chiffon wedding dresses are elegant and stylish—and they flatter many body types. For those reasons and more, chiffon is a great choice for brides of all shapes and sizes!

5. Crepe
Remember when we wrote about silk wedding dresses? You may have thought, Yes, it's beautiful and everything I've ever wanted in my wedding dress, but I want something sleek and chic like those crepe wedding dresses from Jovani. The good news is that you can have the best of both worlds, thanks to Jovani! Their collection of crepe wedding dresses includes crepe de chine and silk crepe bridal separates, wedding gowns, and jumpsuits that take your breath away every time you put one on.

Crepe is a soft, elegant fabric that you'll love to wear. It drapes beautifully and can be both casual and formal. We've put together some tips for finding your perfect crepe wedding dress, starting with understanding what kind of crepe you want to wear. A simple way to think about it is silk crepes and china crepes.

6. Satin
Satin wedding dresses are gorgeous, but finding one that fits you perfectly can be tough. Although most brides choose satin made of silk, nylon satin dresses are another alternative for your big day and can be paired with other fabrics, like lace or tulle, if you want the look of traditional satin without the weight. To get the look you want without sacrificing comfort or usability, check out these tips on choosing the perfect satin wedding dress for your big day.

7. Tulle
Tulle is a fabric made from silk, nylon, or rayon. It's super lightweight and very soft. This makes it perfect for wedding dresses because it drapes beautifully. Tulle is also popular for prom and pageant gowns because of its elegance and form-fitting properties. Like other fabrics in Jovani's selection of wedding dresses, tulle can be ordered with lace overlays to create amazing details and textures on your dress!
Jovani's tulle wedding dresses give you countless design options. You can choose from many tulle styles, including embroidered designs. For a whimsical touch, try adding floral embellishments on your gown's skirt and bodice to create a beautiful, flirty look. Or go out with romantic designs like ruffles or bows for an extra girly feel.

8. Silk
Check out some pictures of how real brides (with natural bodies!) wear Jovani dresses to their weddings. They look stunning in our new collections, but they are ordinary women like you who want to feel great on their big day! Feel Confident in Your Silk Dress: We take pride in our work regarding tailoring and hemming. Our dresses have been professionally tailored for every woman who wears them.

9. Beaded Wedding Dress
For the bride seeking extra sparkle, beaded wedding dresses are perfect. Add a subtle shimmer with beading scattered atop lace or applique.
If you're thinking about a beaded dress, there are a few things to remember before buying. First, choose a style that complements your figure and personality. What type of beading is best? Embellishments like crystals, sequins, or pearls can add glitter and glamour to any look; depending on your event, beads may or may not stand out as much as you think.

How To Get The Perfect Wedding Dress For The Big Day

Buying a bridal gown online is a great way to save money, but it can also be tricky. Make sure you check out our reviews, take your time shopping, and note things like return policies. Thanks to Jovani for sponsoring this post!

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