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Grace Loves Lace Is Opening Up a Shop In New York

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It’s official, Australia does a bangin’ job with bridal. We’ve obvi known about this for a while now, so many of our vendors are from Aussie land, and they have some of the craziest cult followings. But one of the biggest names in the Gold Coast ‘getting married’ fashion game, Grace Loves Lace, just announced it would be opening up a brand new global flagship showroom and first-ever retail store in New York this October - following Fall bridal market - and it kind of has us shook to our core. Really, this isn’t a drill people, GLL is becoming part of the incredible NYC fashion scene, and stateside brides who have only ever been able to buy GLL dresses online can now do it it person ((if they’ve got a 212, 646, 917, etc. area code… or can get into the city by other means)). Pretty huge. So, they asked us to help them spread the word; they’re certainly no strangers to internet-breaking, baller moves, i.e. they actually have the Most Pinned Wedding Dress on Pinterest, NBD, so we guess they can probably handle brides banging down their doors come October 18th. Be warned, though, Aussies, you probably haven’t seen that many bossy Big Apple brides in one place at one time, it can get scary… just don’t let them see you squirm 😉.

Any brides who have placed bets on a NYC locale, it’s your lucky day // week // month // year

We’ve been following along with Grace Loves Lace’s Insta teasers the last few weeks, and it’s been so fun, stressful, exciting, nerve-racking seeing the guesses that fans have been making about the new showroom situation. But one contingency of brides has everyone beat: brides in the five boroughs. TG they’ll have their prayers answered soon, because some of them are so GLL diehard that their ‘pleaseeeeee be NYC’ comments almost sound like they’ll legit fall to pieces 💔💔💔 if they can’t make it there

Grace Loves Lace in New York

That being said, for anyone who has hoped for a Los Angeles landing, don’t worry, there’s still an LA showroom with your name on it.

Now what will the SoHo spot actually have to offer?

On October 18, Grace Loves Lace will finally call 43 Wooster Street in SoHo its home, and NYC brides can be the first to experience the brand’s award-winning Australian service in an intimate, exclusive one-on-one showroom appointment. With an expert stylist at their disposal, no less.

But wait… there’s actually more… Not only will the SoHo showroom be GLL’s premiere East Coast outpost, it’ll be their first-ever retail store and the onlyyyyyy place in the world where brides can buy the Aussie favorite frocks (and we mean that in the fiercest way possible) off-the-rack. I’m not even a bride, nor am I a New Yorker, but damnnn it feels good to be a Jersey girl, only 15 miles away from this magic.

Grace Loves Lace in New York

We’ll repeat, because we’re cool like that

Grace Love Lace, one of our absolute favoriteeeee bridal lines, is coming to Manhattan this Fall. And we’re calling it: every NYC bride who thought she had her dream dress dialed in will either 1) have MAJ buyer’s remorse if she already locked a look down or 2) need a showroom appointment penciled in STAT, because she’ll need to go down under before she comes out on top.

Grace Loves Lace in New York

Luckily, we’re here to help make that happen 🙏 . Ladies, here’s your read:

  • The SoHo showroom is open for scheduling appointments

  • If you’re booked, get ready for a bridal experience like no other ((you can come alone or bring your besties, because a private styling suite can be reserved for you and your crew))

  • Whatever you would have added to a cart online - without any frame of reference, just your double-tapped posts to peruse and your Skype call or email chain with an Aussie GLL stylist for extra support - you can now try on in person. AND get the sage styling advice face-to-face!!

  • If you doooo want to bring in your squad, they can shop an exclusive occasion wear range that can’t be bought ANYWHERE ELSE. Bridesmaid dresses, accessories, done and doneee.

  • We can’t make you go, but we can put the pressure on. Book, book, book, book, book. Your inner free spirit is begging you!

Grace Loves Lace in New York

And if Grace Loves Lace has meant nothing to you in the past, just take 5 minutes to learn about the brand we’re obsessed with. We promise, your life will be better because of it 👇.

She is avant-garde, free spirited, a rule breaker, earthen, a gypsetter, a vintage goddess, a chic modernista, and a true bohemian beauty

Designed for the woman of style, substance, and passion, Grace Loves Lace specialises (yes, we’ll use their ‘s,’ because it looks prettier) in beautiful, luxurious, and effortlessly-feminine gowns for the modern bride. GLL designed “The Most Pinned Wedding Gown on Pinterest,” and since launching in 2010, the design house has gained cult status for its spirited and innovative approach to bridal. All for the woman seeking a gown made with soul, authenticity, and sophisticated charms. Their designs are an ode to the woman who demands to be different. She’s a traditionalist and a modernist, with just the right mix of sophistication, elegance, and spirit that shines through as she dances blissfully to the beat of her own drum. She is their ultimate muse. Handmade to order in their Australian studio with luxurious laces and silks, GLL delivers worldwide with a convenient ordering process through their eBoutique. They already have 3 exclusive, appointment-only showrooms worldwide (Los Angeles, London, and the Gold Coast Australia), with New York taking the fourth spot, and an amazing online Stylist team headquartered in Australia and available via email, phone, livechat, and Skype.

Grace Loves Lace in New York


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We partnered with Grace Loves Lace  to make sure every bride-to-be knows about this brand-new NYC opening. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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