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3 Reasons Solo Engagement Shoots Should Be a Thing

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We love a good engagement shoot, clearly, we cover it alllllllll the time!! But there’s something to be said for a session that a bride can do solo. And we’re not exactly talking boudoir, although Davie & Chiyo, one of our favorite ultra-femme bridal lines, does intimates for that too - and extremely well (we might add). Instead, we’re envisioning a shoot where you can wear your wedding gown before getting married, and really embrace your bride-ness, before it all goes away. Davie & Chiyo gets what we mean, and their collections are kind of PERF for what we’re going for here. Scroll down for some photos that should put things into perspective, because yes, these bride vibes work for the wedding day, but they also deserve appreciation all on their own!

Sooo the solo shoot, here are some things to consider

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You’ll be able to edge up or turn down your look without judgment

On your wedding day, you want to be you as much as possible, but you also want to please your parents, your grandparents, your new family, so in so many ways you sacrifice your personal preferences for perfection in their eyes. You might wear your hair up, because your mom has always said how beautiful you look that way, or you might forgo the moody makeup you had in mind, because it’s not exactly quintessentially ‘bridal.’ With a solo session scheduled, you can do what you want, without any pressure. So, embrace soft, messy waves - rock a bold, plum or berry pout - and feel good about it!

Davie & Chiyo Lotta Dress

You’ll be able to do a ‘first look’ for you and you alone 

A first look is wonderful, something you’ll be able to cherish for the rest of your life - as the first time you saw your S.O. in all their wedding day glory - and they, you - suited up or in a gorgeous gown. But when do you actually have a moment to appreciate and fully take in your time as a bride? In your dress, made up as much or as minimally as you want. You’ll inevitably have those ‘getting ready’ shots, but without the gaze of your entire bridal party? Not really. An engagement shoot on your own, means you get to meet yourself as a bride and have your first look with the person you’ve known forever. And on your wedding day, you’ll never be as present as you are RN, it’s a blur, truly. So, being able to slip into your dress or a dress that you picked for this occasion only, is something special.

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You’ll be able to take some photos in remote places

That feel more editorial, less stuffy. You know you’ve always wanted to be the anti-bride, and here’s when you can do it, as freely as you want. Show some skin, remove the veil, wear an accessory you didn’t plan to wear on your wedding day - OR - be the bride that you’ll be at the altar, in front of your love, in front of your guests, saying your vows, but BEFORE all the pomp and circumstance shows up.

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And you should probably do it wearing something 🔥🔥🔥

If you haven’t heard about Davie & Chiyo, you’ll definitely want to get acquainted with this bridal and bridesmaid accessories company straight out of Vancouver, Canada. Started by sisters in 2008, the brand got buzz first from its clutches, but has since expanded WAYYYY beyond minaudieres to include budget-friendly head-to-accessories, dresses and bridal separates that have worldwide appeal. We’re crushing hard on their jumpsuits, capes, ruffles, and relaxed vibes, but this aisle style sisterhood has some serious sway. Start shopping now!!

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