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Statement Veils Are Going Viral This Year

I was watching Good Morning America yesterday, as one does when the baby is down for a nap, and I couldn’t help but pull my chair closer to the TV - when a wedding segment came on. Hot things for 2018. Yaaaas. ((Actually couldn’t believe that art deco engagement rings weren’t on here!)) One of Etsy’s resident trend experts, Dayna Isom Johnson, stopped by and gave a run down on everything that’s currently trending with brides - and there was one thing that just made my already-beating heart eyes grow to cartoon level proportions (no joke). Statement veils.

OMG guys, I’ve been a fan of veils for a looooong time, but there’s nothing quite like the statement kind. Similar to the impact that statement jewelry makes, statement veils do the same thing - they umm, make a statement. A big one. That says ‘I’m the bride, I don’t need an introduction.” Mic drop. 🎤 And while the dress is certainly the star of the day, these veils kind of steal all the thunder. So. If you’re going to opt for something with statement status, we’d suggest you choose a more minimal gown. Otherwise, your dress is just going to disappear beneath the veil. Truly.

Here are a few of the hallmarks behind the hottest new trend, because obviously you’re wondering… At the end of the day, these veils just have that something something that makes them magical.

Also goes pretttttty well with a caped bridal gown situation, too.

On point applique.

Any chance I get to use the word applique is a win in my book. Really, it’s one of my favorites. And statement veils are awash with them. Whether it’s heavy on the lace or brimming with colored beading, these details are so good.

Fringe or florals.

A lot of the newest veil designs feature fringe - and why not - the Coachella boho bride trend is still alive and well. But another great look is 3D florals or colorful embroidered flowers. And obvi if you go with an option like this, you have to look for a fine art photographer, because their dramatic flair is so copacetic for this style setup.

Metallics or inset sparkle.

I could have totally gotten down with a rose gold decked veil for my wedding (my gown had an ombre blush effect, so it would have elevated things even more), but maybe I’ll just need to save it for a vow renewal in the future. Statement veils with metallic stitching are stunning OR you can even see if a local tailor will bling out your veil for you. Scattered Swarovski crystals have a way of turning things next level fabulous.

Check out some of our faves. They are SO PRETTY. 😍😍😍

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