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Meteorite Jewelry Is Officially Out Of This World

Meteorite Jewelry is Out Of This World Ring:

Did anyone catch the first meteor shower of 2018? The Quandrantids supposedly reached their peak the night of January 3 and early on the morning of January 4 - I totally missed it!! We’ll have to wait until April for the next one, but until then, we’ve been gazing at something else with serious starpower - Jewelry by Johan. This brand has been designing artisanal jewelry featuring some of the Earth’s most-naturally beautiful, unique elements such as authentic meteorite for years. And now that we’re aware of the celestial charms we can get our hands on, we’ve thought of little else in the last few weeks.

Last month, we dug into JBJ’s cache of dinosaur bone baubles, and today we’re zeroing in on the jeweler’s outer space skus. Namely, their stellar styles of 100% authentic meteorite rings, watches, cufflinks, earrings and necklaces. If you ever wondered how a meteorite could find its way into a piece of jewelry, well just take a look…

Meteorite Jewelry is Out of this World Rings:

Jewelry by Johan’s meteorite comes straight from the source, Gibeon Meteorite and Seymchan Meteorite. And if you’re thinking of surprising your star-crossed lover with an out of this world proposal and beyond-stunning meteorite-made sparkler or just want to show your guy that he’s the light of your life with a pair of sterling silver cufflinks inlaid with meteorite metal shards, then you can be sure you’re doing it with the real thing with a certificate of authenticity from JBJ.

Along with your official meteorite credentials, you’ll know your jewelry is a curio of the cosmos because it’ll be - magnetic, at-risk-for-rust, and acid-averse.

Meteorite Jewelry is Out of this World Cufflinks:

But aside from all the specs that make this jewelry special, we’re just all about how they look. Dope AF. And then some! Of course, right now, during proposal season, gemstone engagement rings are kind of everything - with the flair of genuine Gibeon meteorite inlays. Whether you go with a colored gemstone or just a totally flawless diamond, you’ll forever have friends and family asking about where your love ring came from and why they don’t have one themselves.

If you’re already engaged and starting to research bands for you and your partner, you won’t be disappointed with matching meteorite rings that proudly show you’re now Mr. & Mrs. The wedding bands have a cosmic look with neatly-etched meteorite covering the outside of the ring and metal finishings that give the rings a very sleek and astonishing look.

Meteorite Jewelry is Out Of This World Rings:

And if you’re nearing your nuptials and looking for gifts to give each other before exchanging vows, you can do it with a watch or oh-so-pretty pendant. The made-to-order Johan Eduard watches feature authentic Gibeon meteorite precisely cut and bezel set around the watch face - something striking for the groom. The stardust watches offer hues for her, featuring meteorite shavings nestled in sleek enamel that can range in color from champagnes to cobalts and everything in between. For the bride, a gorgeous statement necklace is straight-up sidereal. The styles range from sleek and simple shapes to edgier designs highlighting rough meteorite rocks…. And after the wedding, the birthstone pendants make amazing push presents for mama!

Starstruck yet? Swipe through some of coolest wedding bands, engagement rings, cufflinks, necklaces and watches to get inspired, shop now if you’re so inclined, and make sure to follow @jewelrybyjohan to see what other couples have been saying about their custom wedding jewelry.

Today through Friday, January 12, ALL of the brand’s meteorite jewelry is 20-percent off. Shop now!

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