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Live Flowers Not An Option? Check Out This Paper Flower Wedding!

Are you facing a wedding day without the cheerful color of live flowers? Well shake that depressing thought out of your head; this next shoot brought to you by Favoloso Weddings and Events has a unique take on a wedding staple that won't wilt or aggravate your allergies! You can have the same bright and cheerful wedding day decor with these amazing paper flowers sprinkled throughout (even the bride's bouquet is filled with them). 

So to see the whole event and to get some great decor ideas check out these fabulous paper flower wedding ideas. Oh, and if you are looking to make a flower backdrop of your own, we have a full DIY for you to check out as well! 

dramatic paper flower wedding backdrop

paper flower accented wedding cake sweet and simple wedding cake table idea

cute candid wedding photo of the bride and the groom