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5 Reasons a Boudoir Session is the Best Idea Ever

As a person who has wholeheartedly hated being in front of the camera for most of my life (strange, because i’m not shy and have loved singing and acting, on stage, for the majority of it), thinking about doing a boudoir shoot prior to my wedding literally gave me chills. I couldn’t say “NO” fast enough, really. But now that years have passed, and I’m one postpartum period into my adult life, I am sooo regretful and wish I could turn back time. Enough from this new mommy, though, maybe once I’m all done having little ones I’ll make it happen…

Just having the choice to do a boudoir shoot - at all - is empowering, but then actually doing it is beyond liberating. You get to dress up (OK, down, actually), flaunt some fancy hair and makeup that you wouldn’t necessarily envision for your big day bridal beauty look, role play being a model for the day, and unleash your inner goddess. What more could a bride ask for?

Whether you want to gift your guy or girl with a present that’s surprising and a little less buttoned-up than usual, wish to commemorate a momentous time in your life with not-so-basic glamour shots, need a pampering/therapeutic break from all the wedding planning craziness or just want to see all your photographer has to offer, if you decide to unrobe for a risque photo romp, you’ll inevitably have a lot of fun. And hopefully walk away with some sexy keepsakes, especially to help inspire your wedding night!

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