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Wedding Night Sex: The Good and The Bad


Wedding Night Sex: The Good and The Bad Photo by:

Okay, so you’ve said your vows, promised to love each other from now till forever, danced a little and drank a lot, and now it’s time to turn in for the [wedding] night. Whether you decide to get full-on freaky or would rather ravage some fat checks, either way, you’ll be scoring. So instead of getting too caught up in the consummating decision making, let the clothes fall where they may, and leave yourself open to embracing some serendipitous sexy time between the sheets. We’ve chatted amongst ourselves, some of us married, some still single, and others coupled up, to sound off on wedding night sex in all of its glory. Here’s some stuff to sleep on…

It is OK to delay

For another day or the morning after, really. After 12+ hours of wedding festivities, congratulatory chats with your rents’ guests (who are as good as strangers, to put it bluntly), trips to the toilet in an OMG-I-have-to-pee-again wedding dress, and keeping photo-ready smiles painted on your faces all day long, who would blame you if you wanted to postpone the boning to a future time and place? After all, you’ll inevitably get to have that first time after tying the knot no matter what. Feeling an obligation to ‘get it done’ is hardly foreplay…

If it’s going down, make sure you’re not too turnt up

Alright, it’s your big day and you pretty much have license to do whatever the hell you want #brideandgroomprivilege. BUT, just be aware you’re your own worst fr(enemy) if you’re too lit to get laid. Feel free to savor those signature sips and chug the ever-flowing champs, that’s what celebrations like these were made for, but pull the plug before you’re too plastered to perform or too fuzzy that you forget what it felt like to f*** for the first time as newlyweds.

Lingerie will never be extra

You don’t have to be getting lucky to enjoy some lacy lingerie or a drop dead sexy pair of panties. You can tell your partner that you’re not in the mood, but still be playful as you bask in your new wifey status. Also, you might have gotten some undies from your besties or even your mama for your bridal shower, but the wedding night is the perfect occasion for your S.O. to step up his/her lingerie giving game and something XXX-rated can be real nice. Even if reserved for another time…

BTDub try some time in the tub

If you’re too tired or just feeling like you need to take off your makeup and jump in the shower, invite your lover in for a relaxing rub down and make out session. If your bridal suite has a huge jacuzzi tub, a super-sensual bubble bath with salts and luxurious scrubs is a squeaky clean way to get dirty. And you can spend time soaking up the special memories of the day when they’re freshest in your minds. If things get steamy after all the reminiscing so be it!

Add some edible elements

When people say their wedding day was a total blur that they couldn’t even scarf down some cocktail hour hors d'oeuvres let alone a slice of their wedding cake, they’re not lying. Seriously, the course of the day is so hectic that if the bride and groom can manage a few bites here and there, then they can consider it an accomplishment. But being deprived of food for so long can definitely kill your sexual appetite, so instead of just calling it a night, make sure you have some sweets and savories waiting in your room. You’ll satisfy your hunger before binging on each other. And hey, if there are any goodies (melted chocolate, strawberries, honey, whipped cream) left over from your viennese hour, steal some to sweeten the deal…

Be courteous with your coitus

If your flirting starts to morph from PG-13 to totally turned on, you might not even make it to your room before ripping each other’s clothes off (umm and proceed with caution. Wedding fashion ain’t cheap). That being said, you’ll want to plan ahead to make sure your bridal suite is strategically separated from the rest of the room block. If there’s one thing you won’t want to hear the next morning at your post-nuptials brunch it’s how loud your amorous moans and groans were. Your nosy aunt or next-door neighbor (who’s known you since your kindergarten days) need not be asking whether you and your new husband/wife were already getting busy in the baby making department.

Leave the ‘something new’ for sex

And lastly, save the ‘something new’ for each other. Use the morning to share the ‘nice’ gift - some jewelry, cufflinks, etc. along with a from-the-heart, handwritten note about how excited you are to be forever his/hers. When you’ve said goodnight to all your guests and retired back to your room, then get to the ‘naughty’ gift. Ladies, if you bared it all in seductive boudoir photos SWAK for your sweetie, then give him the goods! Maybe you’ll both try something new with toys, maybe it’s a new position or technique you’ve committed to memory from Cosmo, or maybe it’s a first romp with role play - the bride and groom scenario is pretty exclusive…

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