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23 Times Animals Added To The Fun

Great wedding photos are never a guarantee, even if you have a shutterbug savant locked and loaded for the big day. It takes great chemistry between the couple (okay, it’s your wedding day, would it kill ya to smile?), cooperative weather, sick lighting and perpetual creativity from the guy or girl behind the camera.

There’s no hard and fast formula for enviable albums, but we know a secret weapon that’ll help you get as close as possible to perfection. One word: animals. Whether it’s your own prized pet, a #wild set of witnesses at a zoo wedding, a planned and posed pack of alpacas, or some serendipitous creatures showing up for just a photo or two, these presh little photobombers can add so much to your snapshots.

It’s funny, because almost every single one of the photographers we follow has at least one animal pic in their feed right now. From puppy dog ring bearers to pint-sized best men, fluffy flower girls to feathery first-in-commands, there’s no shortage of cute comin’ at ya….

Thinking of letting your fur babies make an appearance at your nuptials, take a peek at our how-tos for a dog-friendly day. Or check out how country music maven, Kacey Musgraves made her mare standout at her woodland wedding!

Just some fair warning, there are A LOT of dogs in this roundup… what can we say, puppies at weddings are our favorite. And actual pooch weddings, well, those are just plain pawfection!

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