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A Pair of Pooches Just Tied the Knot and Their Wedding is UNREAL


A Pair of Pooches Just Tied the Knot and Their Wedding is UNREAL

It’s not every day that you get to bear witness to true love in real time, but for 45-year-old luxury wedding and fashion photographer, Stacia Morgan, she not only witnesses it, she captures it. And not just for [human] couples, canines too!

The Sunshine state shutterbug, who lives in the Florida Keys with her husband and three children, shot one of her all-time-favorite weddings last month when her two dogs, Truffles and Coco, tied the knot in what can only be described as the paw-fect day ever. Yes, for real, these doggies ditched the single life to be hubby and wifey forever, and if their wedding was ANY indication of the magic that’s to come, then these four-legged best friends are in for a treat (paws crossed, right?!?)

Puppy wedding invitations. Menu says "Bone Apetit"

Truffles and Coco were an inseparable pair for almost five years, bonding over puppy playdates planned by their owners, Stacia and her close friend. In dog years, that’s like 35+ years of digging each other, so it’s no wonder why they decided to make it official.

“We wanted them to get married, so they never had to leave each other’s side again,” said Stacia, who brought Coco into her home to keep Truffles company little over a year ago and never looked back.

That dog has a flower crown, that dog is crazy!

Puppy bride in a pink flower crown for her wedding day.

After discussing the paw-tential for a wedding for a few months, Stacia and her kids, along with Coco’s original owner, put the plan into action. They sent out ‘Save the Dates’ for the anticipated affair at Island Home Nursery, and even scored some in-kind assistance from industry friends (local vendors) to make the occasion all the more special. From bespoke stationery to a dog bone cake, Build A Bear couture costumes, and personalized pup place settings, the setup was spectacular! And the handmade hot air balloon getaway was just icing on the cake!

These dogs got married!

How to incorporate pets into your wedding.

Paw Paw puppy wedding place cards.

15 Gifts Ideas For Your Pets

Bone Apetit 

Dog wedding cake complete with gold dog bones.

Puppy Paw Pops at a doggie wedding!Golden bones for a fancy dog wedding.

You can see a kitten inspired bridal shower right meow!

Boho chic puppy wedding. I'm not even joking.

Hmmmm… love, marriage, baby [dog] carriage? We’d be on board with watching these pups play house a little bit more. What do you say, Stacia, up for shooting their baby shower??!?!

Puppy wedding grand exit with balloons.

We’ve gone through the gallery of these bride and groom bowwows more than a dozen times and all we can say is WOW, truly. Scroll through for yourself to see just how happy these lovebirds (err, dogs) were on their big day!

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