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Experience your wedding through your guests with Camp Snap Cameras


There’s a recent nostalgia for the disposable cameras of yore and we’ve seen a bunch of weddings where couples pass them out and let their guests document their wedding the old-fashioned way. And while this is super cute, it's not very practical. Camp Snap Cameras to the rescue! With Camp Snap your guests can take limitless digital photos where you can decide which ones to print and which ones to share.



Click Here for an exclusive $5.00 discount. Or, if you order 5 or more cameras use discount code "WEDDINGSNAP" for $10.00 off each camera.


Camp Snap is a screen-free digital camera that looks like a chicer version of the disposable cameras you know and love. Not only are they more solid, durable cameras, they come in 9 adorable colors so they’ll actually double as wedding decor. Can’t you just picture these babies with the table numbers painted on them? STOP!


Because they’re digital, there’s no film required (and no trips to the photo counter at your local drugstore). You just plug it in at the end of the night and upload all of the photos directly to your computer. There are no settings, just a shutter button and flash options–just point and shoot. Even Grandma can do it! And the best part is, they're reusable. Give them away as thank-you gifts to your bridal party or keep them in your party kit and break them out for every special occasion to come. 

PRO TIP: These babies also make great screen-free gifts for the kids in your life. 


And while we’re always thinking of weddings first, these cameras are perfect for so many of the events leading up to the big day too. Hello…bachelorette/bachelor parties, bridal shower, rehearsal dinner, not to mention the honeymoon! We can’t wait to see the pictures!


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We partnered with Camp Snap Camera to bring you this glow-up to one of our favorite wedding trends. As always, thanks for supporting our sponsors!

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