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How to Have a to Die for Destination Wedding in Italy

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Ever since watching The Bachelor last season (#TeamBecca always), I’ve been dreaming about Italy - the place of my people. I’m already 4 years into marriage, so the ship for a destination wedding has long since sailed away - literally and figuratively, but maybe a vow renewal in the future? I can do that. But for anyone who’s recently engaged and even remotely entertaining the idea of an Italian wedding, we support you 💯💯💯. Do it!! There’s not a doubt in our mind, it’ll be incredible. And we just happen to be friends with a team fluent in il tocco Italiano (that special Italian flair, FYI), Distinctive Italy Weddings. They’ve been in the business of Italian wedding dreamscaping for longer than I’ve been alive, and they sponsored to this post to help turn your destination musings into a romantic reality for you and your guests.

With over three decades of experience designing weddings in Italy, the team at Distinctive Italy Weddings specializes in curating impeccable weddings throughout ‘Bella Italia'. With exclusive venues and contacts across the boot, the team is equipped to make the most personalized and one-of-a-kind events, and your wedding is at that top of that list. From glam squads to catering to a personal concierge service, Distinctive Italy Weddings constantly strives to offer the best in class, cutting-edge and completely personalized services and vendor connections. And their wedding designers will work closely with you to infuse current weddings trends and traditional Italian touches to your big day.

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Soooo you can stop stalking all the pictures from Drew Scott and Linda Phan’s wedding and start picturing yourselves in their spots!! With or without the kilts 😉. If it’s an authentic Italian pasta making class you’re craving for your guests, a cake with ALL the mangia-worthy gustos like goat cheese and strawberry balsamic, chocolate hazelnut, etc., or just a stunningly surreal setting to say “I Do,” you’ll get it by working with Distinctive Italy Weddings.

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We get it, it’s a struggle to put blind trust in planners who you’ve never had the pleasure of meeting IRL, but don’t let that distance discourage you. Aligning with DIW for full-service planning (that’s their game, go big or go home!!) affords you an all-access pass to your dedicated wedding planner. You can chat through email, Skype and phone whenever you want, and you’ll get regular progress reports and check-ins over the entire course of your engagement. They’ll make amazing recommendations on venues to suit you and bae, and they’ll connect you with vendors who share all the same mozzafiato visions of your celebration as you do. Consider the crew your Italian pen pals; ones who will just be making all of your dreams come true, NBD…

This couple had fears, but they were blown away

"We chose Distinctive Italy Weddings based on their website and all the beautiful weddings posted there. We had no real way of knowing how legitimate they were and whether or not everything would be delivered as promised. We just closed our eyes, crossed our fingers and said "let's do this.” I am happy to report we were not disappointed. Not only were we not disappointed, we were blown away! Honestly, everything was perfect. And I'm a perfectionist. When we first started looking at the website, I thought that all the weddings were too beautiful -- almost staged. I was prepared to be a bit disappointed with our final product -- setting not as nice as pictured, flowers not so great, people not as warm and friendly as advertised -- but in fact everything was absolutely, positively exactly as I'd hoped it would be. I can't thank their team enough. From start to finish, everything was perfect! " ~ Shawn and Thomas – Wedding on the Amalfi Coast

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they’ve got the inside scoop on hidden gems

The Distinctive Italy Weddings team has the edge over all of its competitors, in that they’ve been first to organize events in the yet to be discovered regions of Italy, they’ve forged key relationships with local officials, and even helped launch the openings of some new Italian wedding locations. They don’t rest on their laurels when it comes to building their repertoire of boot-based special event professionals, and every property, every scene is scouted, personally-vetted and approved by them. So, they can guarantee they’re endorsing only the most exceptional service providers to couples thirsting for Neopolitan nuptials. That includes all the personal, tailor-made touches, too, so yes, there will be welcome baskets, yes, you can send your guests off with little bottles of Limoncello, sure, you can hire a caricaturist to occupy the bambinos, hell, you can even enlist them for help in securing bona fide Venetian masquerade masks, if it’s on-brand for you big day, of course.

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This group shines with respect to the details, so there’s really nothing out of the realm of possibility. Sparkle and spectacle are their specialty - so, don’t worry about testing out their strengths. They’re solid!!

Just ask Gabriella and Paolo

“Everything turned out better than we could have hoped for and it was like being in a fairytale. Throughout the weekend, we were asked how we found this hidden gem and heard people saying it was like something from a magazine. They were blown away by the beauty of the venue.” ~ Gabriella + Paolo

But the best part? They’ll handle the paperwork nightmares

Basically the bane of every abroad wedding couple’s existence. But you can you chill, DIW has experience handling every part of the paperwork picture (civil and religious), it’s actually one of their key services. Formalities differ from region to region, and city to city, and it takes a high level of experience to navigate the complexities of this aspect of Italian wedding planning, but after so many years honing their craft, they’ve worked with every possible citizenship and situation. They’ve got the legalities for weddings in Italy on-lock for couples from all over the world.

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And one more rave review for good measure

We had the most amazing weekend, our wedding was simply magical!! It's hard to explain the nerves and the constant wonder of how the day will come together when you hand the most important day of our lives to someone else. All we can say is that we had no reason to stress Distinctive Italy Weddings was fantastic and we could not have been in better hands.”  

So, what do you think? Ready to swap your #somethingblue for #somethingtricolore? 🇮🇹 Explore Distinctive Italy Weddings’ vast and outstanding venue and services selection and find out how the team can create your dream wedding in Italy.

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We partnered with Distinctive Italy Weddings to bring you a personalized passport to the perfect Italian wedding. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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