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6 Ways to Make Your Honeymoon Together Hot as Hell


Once the wedding is over, there’s truly only one way to cure those post-wedding blues, and that’s honeymooning. R & R far away from home does the body good, and so does romance (always thought there should be an extra ‘R’ on the end of that). So, we spent some time thinking about ways to turn up the heat on your first trip as newlyweds, and we tapped our friends at Tinggly for some insight. Hard to imagine a honeymoon that isn’t already awash with amorousness, right?

Read on for 6 ways to make your just-wed journey even more passionate!

Let your partner pick the place

So, you probably thought you’d pop open a bottle of champagne, put a v. vacay playlist on Spotify, and start researching the s*** out of places to go for your honeymoon, right? Well, he’s a thought. Why not consider letting your partner plan everything ((whichever one of you is the more adventurous one))? There’s something so risky, yet romantic about letting your fiancé go rogue with the preparations, and we’d be willing to bet all the anticipation will lead to some lustful love making once you’ve made it to your final destination. All you need to know are some basic weather considerations - to plan your wardrobe - and maybe even have your guy or girl choose the perfume/cologne you should pack. Might give you a clue about what kinds of scents will complement the adventure…



When a hot honeymoon is #goals, we have steamy piece of advice for you. Go to opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to the temperature(s) you’ll be tripping to. If it’s hot, you’ll want to take clothes off, and if it’s cold, you’ll want to do something to create that friction. Or stay in bed, which is a totally permissible option too. Tinggly, the world’s only global experience gifts provider, has the hookup when it comes to making your honeymoon the hautest hideaway it can be. They even take care of all the annoying booking process, so as the couple, you can just sit back and enjoy the ride. 550+ hand-picked experiences in 100+ countries worldwide. Pretty sure you can find some excursions to go along with those extremes. Ice caving and glacier hiking in Iceland? Swimming and snorkeling in Cuba? All good stuff.

6 Ways to Make Your Honeymoon Together Hot as Hell


We realize that this is a huge ask, but humor us for a hot sec. Honeymooning is about you, your love, and the beyond-words feelings of bliss following your big day. You’ve reached a new milestone in your relationship and you should be milking every minute of it. So, leave the laptops and iPads at home, and turn off the phones and tablets until you’ve left the honeymoon bubble and are back in real-time. There is truly nothing more serene than sending out a mass text that you’re shipping off to (where, again? ☝️) and won’t be responding to anything until further notice. And once you’re off the grid, you can probs find a few fun things to do together to keep busy on Tinggly. Like a moonlit makeout session set to the ebbs and flows of waves crashing on the beach. Or even some singing in the [outdoor] shower, with the hums of nature and wildlife as your soundtrack. Make it a duet….


Deciding to throw a destination wedding is a total ‘I Do’ DO, but it isn’t always in the cards for every couple. For a variety of reasons, too… Family doesn’t want to travel, guest list is too big to support anything not stateside, etc. But any couple who has ever even remotely considered vows+a voyage definitely wonders what their celebration could have looked like in a different climate. So, that’s where the honeymoon comes in! Want to make the vacation even more romantic? Bring along your wedding wardrobe (hopefully your dress flies well) and schedule a small little photo shoot with a local photographer. The pressure is off, the cheesy poses are past, this is just for fun, so have a ball with it. If it means you’re on a boat, with the wind in your hair, so be it. Another idea? Plan a secret boudoir sesh, and send your S.O. out for the afternoon ((check out Tinggly’s gifts for him, it won’t be hard to find a distraction, promise)). It might take a little while for you album to come in, but he’ll love the surprise when it does. Plus, you could always beg your shutterbug for a few sneak peeks, in the spirit of honeymoon ambiance. Sexy and romantic. Done and done. 

6 Ways to Make Your Honeymoon Together Hot as Hell


Because no good sex ever happened between two hungry people, right? No, really, when you’re on your honeymoon, the epicurean experience needs to be epic. Plain and simple. It’s time to leave your prudent palate at home, and really go all in with the drinks and dishes for your post-wedding week(s) away. Whether you sign up for a secret food tour, plan an afternoon of wine tasting and getting tipsy at the vineyard, or book a couples’ cooking class with local cuisine on Tinggly, you can really do no wrong if you’re ramping up the romance with some gourmet aphrodisiacs. Elegant eats atop the Eiffel Tower? A concert and dinner in the heart of Florence, Italy? We hear that there’s a pretty sweet artisanal chocolate experience in Switzerland, too. 👌

6 Ways to Make Your Honeymoon Together Hot as Hell


If you two have a gift exchange planned for your wedding, just delay the swap for a few days. Or even just until after the wedding. And switch up the script a bit. Instead of cufflinks and earrings, or watches and perfume, vow to get each other an experience for your honeymoon. Something for her, something for him, or something you can do together as newlyweds. Tinggly can help, with the gift of stories, not stuff. The couple can comb through hundreds of expertly-curated experiences (and the list is constantly being updated and expanded) and receive vouchers directly to their email right after their purchase (if they want to couple the experience with a physical gift too) or choose a speedy delivery of a uniquely-designed gift box. And the bride and groom have two years to make their decisions. Yes, 24 months to book their dream experiences - so even if it’s not for the honeymoon, it can be for a future trip, babymoon, you name it. That’s the super cool thing about Tinggly, one gift box buys you an entire collection of experiences for your loved one to choose from. So, you have the thought that counts, and they redeem it any way they want.

So…Feeling all tinggly inside? Thought so! These guys know exactly what to do to turn up the 🔥🔥🔥 on your honeymoon. Say YES to adventures


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