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Wedding PSA: You NEED To Feed Your Vendors–Here’s Why

Wedding PSA: You NEED To Feed Your Vendors–Here's Why Photo:

Of late, many wedding professionals have turned to social media to share tips with potential clients as well as vent some of their frustration with how they’ve been treated in the past. One common issue that keeps popping up is that these amazingly talented people (that are responsible for helping couples on the happiest day of their lives) are not being fed. Yes, you read that right, wedding vendors are working tirelessly to bring these grand visions to life and aren’t being offered so much as a passed hors d'oeuvre. We’re here to shed some light on this issue and hopefully make sure that these skilled artists and vendors are leaving your big day with full bellies and happy hearts.

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How Does This Happen?

Wedding PSA: You NEED To Feed Your Vendors–Here's Why Photo:

While it may seem inconceivable that you would simply forget to feed your photographer, it happens–A LOT! You are so caught up in the day and your professionals are exactly that–professional. They’re there doing a job and it would be awkward for them to stop and ask for a meal in the middle of your big day. Many planners do take vendor meals into account and have them penciled into the schedule, but it is the couple’s job to make sure that everyone is on the same page and that the team you are hiring gets fed.

Why It Matters

Wedding PSA: You NEED To Feed Your Vendors–Here's Why Photo/Salad:

This should go without saying, but just in case…people work better when they are full than when they are hungry. Imagine if you were expected to work an entire day without anything to eat, not even a snack? You wouldn’t be able to give it your all, neither can your vendors. Once your vendors arrive at your venue, it isn’t feasible for them to leave and grab a bite to eat, so it's important that there is food for them on-site and that they have easy access to it throughout the day (or whenever they have a free moment). 

Wedding PSA: You NEED To Feed Your Vendors–Here's Why Photo/Catering:

We should also mention that it’s the right thing to do. These people are going above and beyond to make your day as special as it can be, it's only right that you make sure that they are safe and comfortable doing so. As you work with different vendors, it is easy to become more like friends. You would never invite your friends over for a gorgeous party, eat in front of them, and not offer them anything…don’t do it to your vendors, that’s all.

How Can You Make Sure This Doesn’t Happen At Your Wedding?

Wedding PSA: You NEED To Feed Your Vendors–Here's Why Photo/Catering:

When your planner or caterer asks for your final headcount, it’s easy to think only of your guest list, but in reality, there are so many more people attending your wedding than just your guests. Before you turn in your final numbers, make sure that you or your planner reach out to each of your vendors that will be staying for the duration of the wedding (i.e. photographer, planner, videographer, coordinator, DJ, band, etc.) and ask them how many people from their team you should account for in your meal count. You can also discuss with your planner where and when you would like your vendors to be offered their meals and notify each vendor ahead of time so that they know to expect it. Not all of your vendors may have time for a complete seated meal, so talk to your planner and caterer about how to make their meals work-friendly. 


Wedding PSA: You NEED To Feed Your Vendors–Here's Why Photo/Mini-Cakes:

It's also a nice touch to make sure they get a bite of dessert as well, so consider asking your baker to create cupcakes or mini-cakes that your vendors can grab on their way out. Also, remember to include on-site vendors in your morning coffee runs or pre-wedding lunch orders. Trust us, both you and your vendors will be happy you did.

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