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Tips for Choosing the Best Wine for Your Wedding

Tips for Choosing the Best Wine for Your Wedding

The time has come, you are about to marry the love of your life and start the amazing journey of marital experiences. But you are not there yet since the last chapter is the wedding day that you have been waiting for a long time.

It is a fact that there are a million things to organize in order to have the perfect wedding day, and one of them is the part about beverages. But, of course, a wedding can not go without a certain amount of beautiful, tasty wines, and that is why it is important to choose them wisely.

But choosing the best wine isn’t such an easy task as it sounds, so that is why here we will see some tips for selecting the best wine for one of the most important days of your life. So let’s get into it.

The Weather Season Provides Answers

Tips for Choosing the Best Wine for Your Wedding

It is great that the weather season itself will help you to minimize the type of wines you have to choose from, and it also sets the stage on whether it is an indoor or outdoor wedding. Logically, if your wedding is in winter and indoors, your guests will definitely prefer red wine, which is more suitable for cooler weather. During the summer and outdoors, white or rose wine is typically a preferred choice.

As we already know, white and even rose wines are a far better choice for spring, and especially summer weddings when everyone needs to refresh. Therefore, for a summer wedding day, when everyone is drinking a lot more than usual, serving red wine on a hot day can most definitely end in an undesired way.

It is the opposite for fall and winter weddings, and normally some people love their red wine also in the summer, and vice versa, so the point here is not to order only one type, but the weather season certainly will help you to decide on the proportion of how much wine you should have.

Which Type Is Most Suitable

Tips for Choosing the Best Wine for Your Wedding

Another yet essential part of choosing wine for your wedding day is to decide which types of wines are most suitable for your magical day. In addition, we will see the best types you should choose, from both red and white wine, and make yourself and all of your wonderful guests happy and satisfied.

This means that you should try to think out of the box, and even though it is nice to have some usually used types, it is nice to create something different, and we will see one classical and traditionally used, and one more type that will surprise your guests positively.

Let’s start with red wine, and see some classic, but also some more interesting wines:

Cabernet Sauvignon - It is almost impossible to go wrong with this type of wine since it is one of the most loved wines, and it works great with some red meat or heartier dishes. Everyone loves the taste of Cabernet Sauvignon in their mouth.

Tempranillo - It is known that Spanish wine appellations provide some of the most fascinating wines one will ever taste like the special selection that you can check out here, and what better day to do this than on your wedding day. Surprise your beloved guests and give them one more reason to remember this event as one of their favorite ones.

Now let’s see the white wines that can
make your wedding day even more special:

Tips for Choosing the Best Wine for Your Wedding

Chardonnay - This type is also one of the most popular ones in the entire world, and it is nice to choose some chardonnay that is lightly oaked or unoaked entirely. It pairs nicely with many meals, and it is highly drinkable.

Godello - If you try to go out of the box, Godello would be an interesting choice. It can have a pleasant taste of lemon, green apple, and maybe a hint of some white peach

The Wedding Toast Calls for Something Different

Tips for Choosing the Best Wine for Your Wedding

Between choosing whether or what mobile bar cart to choose or having a hard time deciding which is the best wedding cake for your special day, you also have to pick the best wine for your wedding toast.

The wedding toast is one of the most significant events of your big day, and of course, it takes place during the speeches as one of the most interesting activities. So naturally, you would want every speaker to feel comfortable, so you mustn’t be short on wine, and for this part, the best types are sparkling wine or champagne. Usually, it is best to have at least a glass for every drinker per speaker.

However, since you know your guests the best, if most of them are enthusiastic about champagne, it is best to have more than one glass per speaker and not bother whether everything is going according to plan. In the end, you are not going to overbuy anyway since you can keep leftover bottles for yourself or give them away as gifts. Anyhow, having a good amount of alcohol is always a plus for everyone.

Don’t Overthink Too Much

Tips for Choosing the Best Wine for Your Wedding

If there is one thing that everyone says about organizing a wedding is that the bride and the groom overthink every single thing they must choose. The same goes for choosing wine, and in general, this is normal since it is such a big day. But in essence, you shouldn’t overthink too much since you can’t miss the wine part because most people adore drinking wine of any kind.

You can pick from some of the wine types mentioned above, or even better; you can use them all and have something totally different and memorable that will stand out from many other weddings. Making a mix of classically used and out-of-the-box types of wine will make a wonderful surprise for all your guests, and you will realize that most of them will actually love the idea of trying something different.

At the end of the wedding day, when you count all the pluses and minuses, you will also surprise yourself with how much the newly discovered wines were the preferred choice by the guests.

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