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These New Wedding Websites Prove the Trend is Going Nowhere


Let’s have a truth circle for a sec. Who else has ever spent just a littttttleee too much time stalking their friends’ wedding website over doing work? I have 🙋🏻 on several occasions. Whoops. It’s just so much fun to delve a little deeper into a couple’s love story, see who will be in their wedding party (when we did our own, I had the best time trying to come up with little blurbs for my besties), find out where they registered, and explore any other exciting things that might be happening at the wedding. A wedding website is a HUGELY helpful resource for the couple - to keep themselves organized - and their guests. Really, all communication with regard to the wedding can come straight from the website. Know how we know that? Ummm, we’re pretty sure that anything Harry and Meghan and the Palace wanted to disseminate about this past weekend’s royal wedding was put on the Royal Family’s website. If the new Royal Highnesses did it, you can too, amirite?

My husband wanted to design/code our own website way back when - and I let him do it, because I wanted to be the supportive fiancée. That being said, if he hadn’t put in the work himself, we totally would have used one of the templates out there at the time. And The Knot would have topped the list, obviously. This post isn’t sponsored, BTW. We just wanted to show our fellow wedding industry warriors and affiliates some love, and their revamped wedding websites warranted that!! Because freshness is fun and makeovers prove you can be modern AF. Another thing we learned from the Duke and Duchess of Sussex… 

So, what’s new?

Well, there’s an entirely-refreshed repertoire of templates to choose from, thanks in part to a plethora of partnerships with online stationery biggies in the biz (#somethingborrowed designs from titans like Minted, Paperless Post, Shutterfly, and Wedding Paper Divas). And the looks are 😍😍😍 - from minimalist and modern to refined and romantic, rustic and homespun, to whimsy and playful, every couple can find something that looks like them. And that’s the purpose! Plus, if you’re not 100p happy with your final product, then you can switch it up any. time. you. want. Customize your background photos (c’mon don’t lie, you’ve been waiting for a place to post the rest of the photos from your engagement session), consider a crazy amount of color options, and personalize your URL. Just like your wedding hashtag, your site should be tailored to a tee and SO YOU.


About those little details…

Yes, we’ll be honest, pretty websites really just give us all the feels. Like wedding stationery, if you do it well, we give you all the thumbs 👍. We like colors, we freak out over flirty fonts, and we looooooove on-point photography (gives us a hint about how phenom your wedding photos are going to be), but wedding details and guest guidance or it didn’t happen. Seriously. With The Knot’s new website rollout, you can sync up your registries super quickly and give all of your guests the 5dubs on your big day - the who, what, when, where, and why (🤔 hope you’ve got that figured out before you get married!). You can also send guests to a single place to submit their RSVPs, because yes, you’ll get your response cards, but until then, you can start getting excited by seeing those ‘YESses’ start trickling in online, select meals, book hotel rooms and get answers to all their FAQs - so they don’t have to bother you 😉.



Like totally and completely zero cost to you! That’s our fave part… That and the fact that you can also find matching invites to go along with your website aesthetic. Not ALL come with, but it doesn’t hurt to look!! Your guests will be psyched that you’re putting together such a cohesive vibe. Maybe they'll spring for some more off your registry.... One can hope!!


So, get on out there and start building our own royal wedding website… We’re not sure you can create your own family crest like the Mountbatten-Windsors, but maybe it’s not too far down the road?!?!!!!

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