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Six Signs You’re A Basic Bride

6 Signs You Are A Basic Bride Photo Via:

There are almost 3 million weddings each year in the United States alone. Each overflowing with blush, sequin, baby's breath and matching bridesmaid dresses. If you are planning your wedding and don't feel overwhelmed with frilly inspiration you are straight up lying. What will separate your wedding from the rest? What part of your wedding will represent you and your fiancé in the most unique way possible? What will keep you from being THAT basic bride? Here is a list of six things we can advise you to stray away from when planning one of the biggest days of your life. Before you freak out, we're just having some fun here so lighten up.

#1 Ring Box


Are you upset because your proposal didn't include one of those velvety ring boxes? Then you're already a Bridezilla. Although it may seem like an essential in your engagement, by the time the wedding has come and gone you won't even be thinking about that cute little velvet box. Some of those boxes are as much as $75 a piece. Try something unique like this handmade engagement box off Etsy.

#2 Flower Crowns


Remember when Coachella was about the music? Remember when weddings were about love?  Just kidding. Really though ... as beautiful as those flower crowns are wrapped around each and every single one of your beautiful heads. Let's do something different. We are total advocates for bigger and more lush bouquets! Grab that flower crown and add it to your bouquet.

#3 Beaded Bridesmaid Dresses


We LOVE all things Adrianna Papell, sparkly and shiny. Although there are an array of color choices there are also a lot more styles to choose from. Let's retire the art deco blouson beaded dress and try something new like this beaded tulle gown. Don't get me wrong. I even wore the beautiful dress in a wedding a couple years back. After that I noticed this dress in almost every other wedding

#4 Mason Jars


Are you going to wrap lace around them? Stuff them with baby's breath?  Gift them to your guests? We're over it. Why do you want them? What are you going to do with all of them after? Next.

#5 Weight Loss Goals


Most women feel like they have to look a certain way and weigh a certain number to be a beautiful bride. It's not the number that matters, but it's how you feel and how you carry yourself. Pride yourself in the woman you are and the woman your groom is about to marry. There's no harm in shedding a couple pounds to feel tip top, but try not to get wrapped up in some insane pre-wedding diet. Your girlfriends don't want to hear you complain about carbs every waking moment.

#6 The Countdown


Your social media platforms are probably buzzing with love for your new hubby-to-be, but are you doing that daily countdown of how many days until you marry your BFF? You are excited we get it, but spare us the daily posts of  "25 days until I marry my best friend."  Now that we are done being basic, here are 8 ways to make sure you have hot married sex.😉

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