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This Rocking Photo Team Shot Weddings in all 50 States

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Weddings truly are a universal celebration of two people coming together in front of their most favorite people, to reflect on their past, revel in their present, and ready themselves for a ridiculously-amazing life together ahead. But no two couples will ever have the same wedding, and that’s the most incredible part of picture. Rocker in Love, Dani Correa, Grasi Favoreto and their seriously-adorable shooting sidekick, Otto Favoreto, have LIVED this reality - having shot weddings in ALL 50 states for their book, “The US Wedding Tour,” so they can speak to the colorful and chameleon-like nature of weddings more than ANYONE. We couldn’t wait for them to sponsor this post, so we could share more about two phenomenal new projects they’ve got going on - and how you can be a part of it! ((Seriously, this is kind of one of those once-in-a-lifetime things)).


Parks People, Come Out, Come Out Wherever you are!

Until watching Parks and Recreation on Netflix (probably 11 times over now, if I’m counting), I never really had an appreciation for the majestic motifs that parks are packing. But OMG, if I could do my wedding over again, I’d pick a place like Yosemite Falls and never look back. Well, the Rocker in Love team is capturing all kinds of love and marriage again, and this time, the vows are happening in some of the most beautiful places the U.S. is known for.



With some of the country's most stunning landscapes, the pristine National Park destinations offer an unbeatable backdrop for ‘I Dos,’ and RIL will be right there to shoot gorgeous places with even more gorgeous people. Whether you’ll be making it official in the movement of the Great Dunes, kissing for the first time as newlyweds on the edge of the Grand Canyon, or shedding some tears under the giants of the Sequoias, you can be sure your photos are as epic as your love is. “The US Wedding Tour” #NationalParksEdition is in production.

Getting Married Somewhere Else Special and Need Some Video, too?

Because this fabulous photo force had such an unreal time capturing love from coast to coast, they’re doing it again - only this time, they’re adding videography too. There will be a book (with augmented reality) of their adventures following the conclusion of the tour, along with a documentary. Because, yes, seeing weddings happen in soooo many ways from North to South, East to West, is everything. And for the wedding tour documentary, your ceremony and reception can be anywhere.


How Can You Have a Role in the Newest Rocker in Love roadshow?

It’s easy. Just be yourself and celebrate your story, because it’s so special. All they need is an email with your basic wedding information (names, date, location) - to [email protected] - and a little more open-ended explanation of how you came to be as a couple, what you love about one another, and why you cannot wait to take the plunge (hey, they can mean that figuratively AND literally… skydiving in a National Park 😍). Check out their page for all the nitty-gritty details, and while you’re at it, just gloss over some of the gems they’ve taken over the years. From Jersey Shore sweethearts sharing the spotlight with seagulls on the beach, to a cowboy-boot-wearing couple riding horses in Cali, they’ve canvassed it all.


End the best part - next to all the fun and amazing photos - they’ve intentionally set their prices low, so small and large wedding budgets will have an equal opportunity to be a part of our project. 👌 Way to be.

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We partnered with Rocker in Love to share the details on the coast-to-coast photo projects that you can get in on! As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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