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Pinterest Wedding Inspiration, Is it helpful or overwhelming?


Let's be honest, wedding inspiration has definitely been blossoming over the last few years. There are so many visually stimulating images being shared every day, it's hard not to get lost in all of the wedding excitement. Even if you aren't getting married, we're sure some of you may be following different wedding accounts on all of the great social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter ... the list goes on. Fortunately, we've got some great tips to help out some perhaps confused brides on keeping ideas true to you and what fits your personal style and theme. 

Let's start with Pinterest. Raise your hand if you have at least pinned ONE image that got your creative gears moving when imagining yourself walking down the aisle. *Raises hand* Although the inspiration is great, and sometimes needed to give you a better visualization of what you want that doesn't necessarily mean all of your expectations will be met. Michelle at Michelle Garibay Events says it perfectly, "Couples should try to avoid going into vendor meetings, specifically with florists and planners with pre-conceived visuals on what they want based on their Pinterest board. Your wedding should be a unique reflection of your specific styles and personalities." Trends are constantly changing, and there are new things being introduced to the wedding industry daily and that is because of all the eclectic types of wedding styles. Bride and her bridesmaids + Cake photos taken by: Plum & Oak Photography

michelle garibay events

Michelle from Garibay Events


Here are some great tips Michelle advises you to vocalize when discussing your vision with your "creative advisors"

  • Your likes, dislikes and non-negotiables (so they can offer recommendations to accomplish just that within your budget)
  • Be Honest! Your honesty won’t hurt our feelings – promise! We want to make sure we get it right since we have one shot at it!
  • It's okay to use Pinterest but ... You can use the visuals on the inspiration board to explain what is in your head that you don’t know how to verbalize in industry-speak but never copy what you see. 
  • Trust your vendors. Allow and trust your hired professionals to give you a wedding just perfect - for YOU. (And, seasoned pros worth their salt won’t copy either.)  

the polka dotted bee wedding hanky

Ashley from The Polka Dotted Bee

People always say "in moderation," and we can also apply that to "hearting and pinning" everything. Ashley from The Polka Dotted Bee reminds us that, "Just because you see something you like, doesn't mean you must incorporate it or that it will lend itself aesthetically pleasing to the overall tone of your big day." Use caution when initially planning too, we may want to purchase things immediately, but it is better to play it safe and really map out your big purchases before committing. "Otherwise, you may be unknowingly sinking your budget by planning projects or purchasing items that in the end, may not be appropriate or relevant."


- Shannon from Something Lovely Events

Our Costa Rica event planning photo by Adriana Mendez

Our Costa Rica Wedding

Our last but certainly not least piece of advice comes from Our Costa Rica Wedding. Similar to life, moderation and being present are important. Being present when making diligent wedding decisions can make a world of difference. Here is what Our Costa Rica Wedding has to say when it comes to planning and remembering to incorporate your own style, and ideas: Be involved. Pick a few things about the wedding that you can take the lead on and own them. If music is an interest of yours, take control of reviewing the plethora of entertainment options and narrowing it down to a top few to review with your bride-to-be. If graphics and print are your thing, run with it. Be in charge of a few items, really listen when your fiancee asks your input on the parts she/he is handling, and show appreciation for everything they are doing. You'll avoid any resentment build up when the wedding causes them to stress, they will love and appreciate it, and the wedding will be all the better for being a team effort. Photograph pictured above taken by Adriana Mendez Photography.

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