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Itty Bitty Wedding Committee Planning Podcast

Itty Bitty Wedding Committee Planning Podcast

Hosted by friends and longtime wedding industry professionals, Kate Reavey and Alyson Thompson, the Itty Bitty Wedding Committee is the NSFW wedding podcast the world didn't know it needed. This unfiltered new podcast, hosted by two wedding planning veterans, offers down-to-earth insight on all things wedding-related. Each weekly episode explores a new wedding planning topic with seriously valuable advice and a healthy dose of humor. 


Itty Bitty Wedding Committee Planning Podcast

Kate is the owner of Chicago Vintage Weddings, a wedding planning and vintage rental boutique that was the first of its kind; she and her team now plan luxury events for dozens of couples each year. 


Itty Bitty Wedding Committee Planning Podcast

Alyson is a hotel catering manager and independent wedding planner who has loved weddings for as long as she can remember. After having long conversations about the state of the industry while in lockdown, these two friends realized that they needed to share their insight with the world! Of course, it didn't hurt that they had a whole lot of free time on their hands, either. 

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Each Wednesday Alyson and Kate give listeners the inside scoop on all things "wedding" with humor and heart. Serving up planning advice, tips and trends with a hearty dose of realness, the Itty Bitty Wedding Committee is a friendly, funny shelter from the wedding planning storm. As Kate has told her planning clients, "If you've ever wanted to hear your wedding planner swear, have I got something for you!" 

This podcast takes a lighthearted, down-to-earth approach to subjects that are often stuffy and shrouded in mystery, and inclusivity is always the name of the game. The recent multi-part Coronavirus episodes have received praise from past, present and future planning clients - it's some seriously essential listening for 2020. Next, the hosts will tackle new topics including venue selection, choosing the right wedding planner, and even wedding gown advice straight from their friend Desiree Hartsock

Whether you're curious about wedding planning or just need a break--and don't we all this year?--tune in to the Itty Bitty Wedding Committee podcast to meet your new best friends.

Itty Bitty Wedding Committee Planning Podcast

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Itty Bitty Wedding Committee Planning Podcast

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