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How to Throw a Boozy Brunch to End the Post-Wedding Blues

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Okayyy so. For any of you brides - well, we should say former brides, who basically blinked and their wedding day was over - we’re going to touch on something that you’re probably feeling right about now: the post-wedding blues. If you didn’t have them (or just teared up for a hot sec and then got back to your business as usj), we applaud you, because we felt them hard. Like, really, really hard. It can be a super sad, crushing thing to be planning a wedding for X amount of months, years, and then have it happen and wake up a minute later wondering if it even happened at all. It did, you’re just in a ‘dude, it’s over’ daze and you have to snap out of it. We’ve all been there, pinky promise! That said, we think we’ve come up with a foolproof way for just-married brides to end their post-wedding blues, and it involves #somethingblue booze courtesy of Blanc de Bleu, friends, and fun. All things we can so get behind.

So here’s the deal, you’re feeling depressed in some way or another; you’re either too caught up in wedding regrets or what didn’t go 100p as perfectly as you planned, or you’re feeling a major sense of womp womp, because the wedding is over and you’re not the “blushing bride” anymore. All normal stuff, incredibly normal stuff. But instead of wallowing in post-wedding woes, we have a better idea.

Throw a brunch to say an official “byebye” to those freaked-out feels. Invite your friends, make it festive, and be funny about/playful with it. You might be going through a dark blue, moody time, but a bright blue brunch - complete with a sooo appropriate signature beverage - might be just the thing you need to break through your breakdown.

How to Throw a Boozy Brunch to End the Post-Wedding Blues

How to do it.

Hop into host mode.

When you were the bride, chances are you didn’t host all that many of the celebrations. So, you’ll enjoy being able to organize something and it’ll probably do you good to have an event to plan in the very wake of your wedding. One that’s infinitely less formal and a lotttt less pressure. Distractions are 👌 when you’re dealing with the 'post-I Do' doldrums. Imagine some fun invitations, be they electronic or mailable ones, plan out your playlist for the party, consider what foods to have (brunch/breakfast foods are our favorites, and a lot easier to brainstorm than fine dining fare), think about decorations - a blue balloon wall is pretty epic IOP, and get a list of all your best girls together.

Give the event some color.

A lot of the time when brides are going through post-wedding sorrows, they don’t share it with the special people in their lives. It can be a really reclusive/isolative time. That’s why we think it’d be helpful to give your group a heads up about why you’re planning a brunch, so that they can understand where your mind’s at. Full disclosure, we’re fairly certain no friends would turn down a morning of brunching and boozing, but you never know. It also shines a light on the reasons you’re getting everyone together in the not-so-distant aftermath of your wedding. You need their support, you need to be surrounded by the people who never fail to cheer you up, and they’ll get that!

How to Throw a Boozy Brunch to End the Post-Wedding Blues

Serve up all the sweets.

Look, we’re never the ones to say that ANY bride needs to ‘sweat for the wedding’ or give up all the good, somewhat gluttonous stuff she loves because she needs ‘to fit into her wedding dress.’ But if you were one who went full beast-mode to prepare for your wedding walk down the aisle, then you should feel especialllllly confident about putting out a sweet and amazingly-satisfying spread for your bestie brunch. Cakes, pies, cookies, waffles, ALL the yums. And in the spirit of bad mood brunching, invite your friends, family, etc. to come in relaxed attire or whatever makes them feel their happiest in. If it means a PJ dress code, then so be it. Has anyone not had a good day following flannel and breakfast foods?

Use the brunch as a therapy sesh, if you need it!

And no, we’re not talking intervention. Instead, we’re going back to the idea of distractions. Distractions are key and a great way to prevent that post-wedding sadness from creeping back in. You’re probably back from your honeymoon, so why not take the time to show your squad all the pics from your trip. Tell them how much fun you had, what you did, what you ate, what you wore, and if you’re still awaiting the professional wedding photos from your photographer, ask your friends if they have any fun wedding shots from your special day. Maybe even ones you haven’t seen yet or weren’t archived in your hashtag. Of course, you don’t want to get swept up into a ‘ughhh, bring me backkkk’ mentality, but reminiscing (lightly) about the day can be therapeutic!

How to Throw a Boozy Brunch to End the Post-Wedding Blues

Come up with a creative cocktail for the occasion.

LBH, anyone who comes to brunch usually comes for the booze. Mimosas, bellinis, bloodys, brunch drinks are the BEST drinks. But for your “I’m kicking these blues to the curb” fete, we think going with #somethingblue is just beyond fitting. No one will be feeling blue after a few glasses of Blanc de Bleu’s signature sip; it’s too pretty to pass up, not to mention, the hints of blueberry can only make brunchers (including the bride) even happier. We won’t blanket this wine as a cure-all, BUT blueberries are rich in anthocyanidins and anthocyanins, which help reduce depression and stress, just sayin’!

We actually came up with this fun brunch punch recipe, too! In case you want to get a little extra crazy... and creative!


“Okay, not a bride, but a wifey with pride” Punch

  • 2 Bottles of Blanc de Bleu
  • 4 Shots of Vodka
  • Juice of one lemon
  • Stir in 1 cup fresh blueberries
  • Stir in 2 cups of cold ice
  • Garnish with a sprig of rosemary and sliced lemons

Don’t you feel those blues melting away??!?!!


Follow Blanc de Bleu on IG to see how #somethingblue can be a best kept secret for ending YOUR post-wedding blues. ((Drinking with your partner - out of your wedding glasses - helps!)) 

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We partnered with Blanc de Bleu to give former brides #somethingblue to drink when they're done dealing with the blues. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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