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How to Guarantee Your Favorites Will Sign Your Guest Book

How to Guarantee Your Favorites Will Sign Your Guest Book

So, yes, you’ll have your wedding photographer (and videographer, if you’ve booked one!) capturing everything special from your wedding day - and you’ll cherish the photos and video clips for years to come. But there’s another wedding ‘device’ that helps to lock in memories of the day: your wedding guest book. There are tons of options out there, from traditional autograph binders to more alternative and interactive ledgers, but one of our favorite vendors just launched a wedding guest book of their own, and it’s something you’ll definitely want to make room in your budget for. Not only is it beautiful - everything they make always is! - it’s intentional, too. At the end of the day, your guest book isn’t just another pretty thing; you want it to hold plentiful heartfelt messages from the ones you love most, and The Art of Etiquette just so happens to have cracked the code on how to make that happen. 

Where other guest books fall short

How to Guarantee Your Favorites Will Sign Your Guest Book

Not even going to lie, one of the biggest regrets we hear from couples (and I’m including myself in this one, for sure) after their weddings is how tepid the response was for their guest book. We mean, ample space for scrolls of advice and reminiscent sentiments - left completely blank and untouched. Granted, we’ve been guests countless times ourselves, so we totally get how interest drops off when there’s dancing, dining, drinking, and general delighting to be done. But if you’re the two who are getting married, you’ll of course want a relic from your day that you can read and re-read anytime you’re feeling particularly nostalgic.

Why The art of Etiquette’s book is different 

Expanding on The Art of Etiquette’s initial line of wedding vow books, the Guest Book is a beloved wedding day memento for any couple - and even though it’s a book, you definitely shouldn’t judge it by its cover (which is particularly stunning tbh). Priced at $240 each, the tome to accompany your knots-tied includes 90 Words of Advice cards, 10 toast sheets, 4 photo pockets, 5 photo pages, and a set of gold numbered seal sheets. It was not only crafted with unmatched attention to detail, superior beauty, and exceptional quality, the book also boasts intentional surprises and thoughtful touches that ultimately mean way more entries from your besties. 

How to Guarantee Your Favorites Will Sign Your Guest Book

Each page is like a time capsule

Along with loving messages, the Guest Book has space for guest photographs, copies of speeches, the wedding invitation, and other wedding day keepsakes.

It creates lovely wedding anniversary traditions 

Guests add notes to sealed envelopes that are earmarked for future anniversary celebrations (i.e. “open this on your 1st, 5th, 10th, 12th, etc. wedding anniversary”). 

How to Guarantee Your Favorites Will Sign Your Guest Book

It is inclusive of all types of unions

As a certified LGBTQ + allied vendor, AofE creates welcoming space for all couples and guests through inclusive language and messaging.

The book was made for display

Like AofE’s bound vow books, the Guest Book is beautiful enough to display in the home, to be enjoyed year after year, and to be passed down to future generations. #TheBestIsYettoCome for you and everyone who shares in your love story over the years. 

How to Guarantee Your Favorites Will Sign Your Guest Book

The words might not come out right when rushed

And that’s the beauty of AofE’s Guest Book. Instead of asking your guests to write their well wishes in advance of your ceremony or during cocktail hour, you can include the “Words of Advice” card inside their wedding invitation - either with a small insert that mentions how excited you are to see them on the big day and how you can’t wait to read their ‘best of’ advice in the days and years that follow or as a note on your wedding website. This way, your guests have some lead time to craft their inscriptions.

How to Guarantee Your Favorites Will Sign Your Guest Book

Think of it this way: How did your best yearbook entries of all time transpire? Probably from having your best friends and classmates bring your book home with them (or, at the very least, swap after their next period - in school!). Wedding wisdom, advice, or ‘looking back’ can’t just come from thin air, that’s why your guests will appreciate having the time to write something articulate and worthwhile.

*There is also a good deal of space to be signed on the spot - so if they’d prefer signing onsite, they can absolutely do that, too! Whenever creativity strikes or inspiration springs!  Head over to their site for 15% off (discount applied at checkout)

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We partnered with The Art of Etiquette to share a super sweet new guest book idea for your wedding. As always, thank you for supporting our sponsors!

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