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LiveShare Is The Perfect Counterpart to Your Wedding Photographer

LiveShare Is The Perfect Counterpart to Your Wedding Photographer

If you’re engaged, you’ve probably heard 8000 people tell you that your wedding photographer will be the MVP of your entire day. We wouldn’t say they’re wrong, either, because amazing event photography is everything; that said, there’s a reason why we invite our favorite people in the world to our weddings. It’s not just because we want them there to witness the start of a new chapter in our lives - of course that’s a huge part of it - we also want them to help us round out this very special memory. They know us well, and they know the precise things that can bring smiles to our faces, beyond the perfect first look, first dance, first toast, and first cut of the cake. It’s not just the fashion, the vows, the rings, the drinks, the dining, the dancing, and the perfect send off that matters, it’s ALL of it. And our family and best friends have their fingers on the pulse of what’s most important for this milestone [in marriage]. With LiveShare, our favorite people can supplement the incredible work of our wedding photographers and make sure our love stories are as complete as possible.

A snapshot of the LiveShare experience

Photo crowdsourcing for your wedding day, made impossibly easy!

It’s private.

Social media is great, but not everyone needs to have a front row seat for your big day. With LiveShare, a unique “event” is created to aggregate all of the documentation from your wedding. Your photos are private and accessible for viewing only to your event goers and available for download only to the event managers, i.e. you, the ones getting married.

It's engaging.

LiveShare Is The Perfect Counterpart to Your Wedding Photographer

The biggest challenge with these types of crowdsourcing apps is getting folks to actually participate. There are several features in the LiveShare app that encourage participants to post: the ability to ‘Like’ and comment on each others’ photos, the freedom to add captions, the promotion of a “leaderboard” where the top three most-liked photos are displayed.

It’s tempting.

A key feature of the LiveShare platform is real-time slideshow updates of the posted photos and messages on TV screens and tablets throughout the wedding. None of your guests want those FOMO feels at your fete, so they’re going to post their pics. And if it means they can make that impressive, much-coveted leaderboard, well then, they’re going to post their BEST.

Your love story INCLUDES your wedding story and THE BEFORE

And who better to fill in all the details of you and your partner before you were #readytowed than your ride or dies?

LiveShare Is The Perfect Counterpart to Your Wedding Photographer

Prior to your wedding weekend, you can send a note to all of your guests to kick off the camera roll. Say something along the lines of “We are so excited to see you in just a few weeks! As we look forward to creating more memories with you at our wedding, we invite you to share some of your favorite photos from the good times we’ve had together. It can be from your digital photo album on the computer, or even a picture of a picture off your wall (and we know you have some snaps on bulletin boards from college…). You can upload these precious moments at the link below, and we will share them at the event!”

Photos of both of you as babies + children growing up. Photos of you two and your families on vacations. Photos from when you first met. Your parents, your siblings, your extended fam, and your best friends have them ALL. And obviously they’re going to want to help you tell the whole story.

And everything that happens later 

Like we said earlier, a love story is ever-evolving and it doesn’t just start and end with the wedding. That’s why LiveShare gives you the option to ‘Upgrade Your Event’ and allow your guests to keep adding photos up to three months after your event. 

LiveShare Is The Perfect Counterpart to Your Wedding Photographer

Should you decide to ‘Upgrade Your Event’ for $9.99, you’ll also unlock your post timeline (granting guests access to content beyond the 5 most recent posts), populate LiveView with your entire post timeline (again, not just the 5 most recent posts), and be able to enable a passcode for even stricter access to your event page. You’ll have personalization perks, too. Like the ability to customize your cover image, your introduction pop up (the first time you’ll nudge your guests to take ALL of the photos of your nuptials), and your comment/message backgrounds. 

Happy Wedding LiveShare(ers), Happy Newlywed Life to Come 

“Thank you for setting up LiveShare for our wedding day! We have enjoyed looking at the photos that our guests posted. We hope that you enjoy these favors and have a wonderful summer!” ~ Sarah and John

LiveShare Is The Perfect Counterpart to Your Wedding Photographer

“I loved reminiscing with my friends over the old photos, without losing the excitement of the day. It often sparked conversation among the guests. It allowed us to share those intimate candid moments of love. It also brought our two families together with something fun and exciting.” ~ Nicole 

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We partnered with LiveShare to give you a guaranteed way to have everything captured on your wedding day. As always, thanks for supporting our sponsors!

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