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How Not to Cut Your Wedding Cake

Opulent Treasures cake stands

Truthfully, we did not have the cake cutting ceremony at my wedding. We felt it was a bit odd to have everyone watching us while we cut our cake together. However, in retrospect, we should have researched why you're supposed to hold a knife together and cut a cake and more than likely we would have gone forward with the age-old tradition. 

Why Do you Cut The Wedding Cake?

Before we dive into the dos and don't of wedding cake cutting, here's the backstory on cutting the wedding cake. Traditionally, wedding cakes were made to bring good luck to all the guests attending the wedding and offer good fortune to the bride and groom. Who doesn't want good fortune? It's  also the first act performed as husband and wife. Symbolizing that you're a solid unit, and can complete tasks as one. Not only that, but it's an amazing photo opportunity.

Speaking of photo opps, you'll need a dazzling cake stand to ensure your cake cutting ceremony is Instagram worthy and Opulent Treasures has cake stands that will take your wedding cake to a whole new level. The floral cake above and below captured by Cristina Navarro.

Opulent Treasure Cake stands

#1 Don't have a ho-hum cake cutting ceremony!

Incorporate a few or all of these tips to create a memorable and lively cake cutting ceremony:

1. Create a spectacular cake table.
2. Work with your lighting specialist to set the mood for the event.
3. Give your DJ a few songs you'd like to play at your cake cutting ceremony. Don't worry we've got a cake cutting playlist planned out for you. Listen to all the songs here.
4. Have a photo worthy knife and cake server set.
5. Change into your reception dress.
6. Create excitement! Have your DJ announce that the cake cutting ceremony is about to begin!


#2 Don't cut the top tier of the wedding cake

Love this photo above, but if you look closely they are cutting the top of the wedding cake, and it is recommended that you cut the bottom of the cake first. If the cake is top heavy it will fall over. Timber! Plus, most couples save the top tier of the wedding cake to enjoy on their first anniversary. The photo above captured by Luke and Mallory.

white glamorous wedding cake

Don't surprise your partner

Before couples starting pushing cake into each other's face, the bride and groom would share a piece of cake before distributing it to their guests to symbolize their union and their promise to forever provide for each other.

Be sure to discuss with your partner if you plan to smash cake in their face before the actual wedding. If this the route you both decide to take, be sure you're on the same page. 

If you don't want to get cake all over each other's face and be a sticky mess, gently feed each other a taste of the cake.  A respectful and loving option. White wedding cake above on a gold Opulent Treasures cake stand. 

opulent gold cake stand from Opulent Treasures

Don't Forget To Save Some Cake

With all the excitement the two of you might not be able to taste the wedding cake, so ask your venue or coordinator to arrange to save some cake for you to enjoy later that evening as you bask in your amazing day. The elegant gold bride and her golden wedding cake

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