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How to Get Married Online (Yes, Really!)

online marriage license

Okay, so you can do pretty much anything onlin cms_eTmp e these days from dating to working, and now…you can GET MARRIED ONLINE! You read that right. Courtly is a new service that allows couples to get married with just a few clicks. But how does it work? We talked to them to get all the deets and it’s surprisingly simple!

Here’s What You Need To Know

online marriage license

Courtly’s standard marriage package includes a valid marriage license, online ceremony, and legal, US marriage certificate, and it all costs just $499. But what does an online marriage look like? First, you fill out Courtly's online marriage application. Then, once they have all of that information, they’ll work with the government to generate your license.

The Ceremony

online marriage license

Yes, there’s still a ceremony where you get to pick a wedding date and time just like you would for any other wedding. And because it’s online you can do it from literally anywhere (well, as long as you have internet service). Plus, you don’t both have to be in the same place. So, if your fiancé(e) is deployed, you’re in a long-distance relationship, or even if one of you is incarcerated, you no longer have to wait to be back together IRL to tie the knot! Courtly will provide the officiant and any witnesses, so the only thing you have to bring is yourselves!Once you exchange your vows and say your “I do’s” your marriage is official and you receive a digital copy of your US marriage certificate within minutes–it’s that simple! Now all that’s left to do is celebrate.

Why Get Married Online?

online marriage license

Well, there’s the obvious answer…it’s super convenient! Does anyone even know where city hall is anymore? With Courtly you just open your computer and BAM, you’ve got everything and everyone you need to get married right at your fingertips (literally!). But, there are a few other reasons that an online marriage may make life easier. To name a few…

  • One partner is deployed overseas
  • One partner is incarcerated (in prison/jail)
  • One partner lives in one country, and the other lives in another country
  • Before a destination wedding (to make sure your wedding is legal!)
  • A couple lives in a country where LGBTQIA+ marriage is not allowed
  • An alternative to a courthouse wedding
  • Just because!

You Do You

online marriage license

And just because you’re getting married online, that doesn’t mean you can’t go all out with your wedding. You can still wear a tux or wedding gown, get yourself a bouquet (why not?), get a cake, etc. An online wedding is still a wedding and deserves to be celebrated–whatever that looks like to you.

Save With Wedding Chicks

Courtly is offering Wedding Chicks readers a special 10% off discount on Courtly.com when you use code TWC at checkout.For more info on Courtly and getting married online check out the FAQ page on their website and give them a follow @courtlyhq on Instagram. We partnered with Courtly to introduce you to the wedding of the future. As always, thanks for supporting our sponsors!

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