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Cole Haan with Nike Air Technology


Ok, these could be THE MOST COMFORTABLE shoes ever made! (In a heel of course.)
The Wedding Chicks LOVE all things Nike, especially the running shoes! So when we found about about Cole Haan heels designed with Nike Air technology, we just had to try them. So Jocey and I went shopping for shoes together (to wear to our launch party).
She bought a darling pair of Coach wedges and I picked up the Cole Haan pictured above on the left. After being on our feel for 3 and a half hours, Jocey was in agony with her shoes and I could literally jump up and down in mine and I felt like I could run a still run a mile. This is a big deal to me because I can usually only be found in Rainbow sandals.
Just to be sure that it wasn’t a comfort fluke, I decided to wear them to shoot a wedding!
Crazy, I know, but I had to put them to the test! I ran all over the property, up and down hills, I was standing, squatting, and balancing and I lasted the whole day! One of the guests even commented that she couldn’t believe that I was shooting in heels!

So brides, if you want a pretty shoe that will be kind to your foot, be sure to try on a pair of these fabulous shoes! It is a rare wedding day if we don’t hear a bride complain about her feet hurting, and most brides change in to some kind of flip flop after the ceremony. So why buy those super expensive shoes that are unrealistic for actual walking?
We LOVE shoes, don’t get us wrong, but walking is inevitable at your wedding.
{We found our shoes at Nordstrom}

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