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5 Simple Sex Tips That Every Woman Should Read

5 Simple Sex Tips That Every Woman Should Read

It's a two way street, I recently published  5 Simple Sex Tips That Every Man Should Read and thought it only fair to ask real men, married and single, to offer up tips to women. Unless someone is very clear about what they like, it's all kind of a stab in the dark. I'm going to share these in order of importance to the contributing males. Do not forget that you possess FREE WILL. Listen to yourself and your body. Don't do things you don't want to do just to make someone else happy.

I recently asked some fellas to give a little feedback for the ladies. These guys span 20s-40s and are in relationships, single, engaged, and married. I compiled all of their feedback into this little sideshow. Enjoy ... and later REALLY ENJOY.

Grass on the field

Of the men that we surveyed, more than not prefer some amount of pubic hair. Not necessarily a 70s bush, but enough to indicate that you are of age. One in particular made sure to stress that he knows he has no choice in the matter, but that's his preference (he clearly doesn't want anyone mad at him).

Testing 1 2 3? Is this thing on?

Evidently, men want to know that we're alive and breathing during a sexual encounter. Good God, what else do they want? That's sarcasm of course. Ladies, what are we doing if our partner doesn't even know we are conscious? Get into it. This feels good, that feels good, that's the spot, slower, harder, faster, whatever. Be sure to breath and move your body. Go nuts.

Dominant vs. Submissive

This is unanimous. YOU be YOU in the bedroom. Dominant or submissive, you need to be in your comfort zone and feel safe. So whichever way you swing can be equally as sexy. The confidence to JUST BE is the turn on.

The all-in-zones

Men have erogenous zones other than their frank & beans too ladies, it's not just us. It's not always easy for them to communicate to you. Not to worry because the survey says that many men like their nips nibbled, the taint tickled, a little anal appreciation, and their boys baptized. They also like to go beyond the goal post, so be clear about your tight end and bodily boundaries.

Talking about it is fun

Flirting is fun. Talking about sex is fun. Men want to hear from us. Talking/texting about it can set the mood for your whole evening. The level of dirty is definitely up to you and it should be made clear in advance if you have boundaries. 

We have a special added bon(er)us for you. In his own words, this guy says:

1. Initiate — if you’re a lady in the mood, don’t send subtle signals. Just start making out with him. Or rubbing him. Or even just telling him, “let’s do this. Now.”

2. Where do you see yourself in five years? If you see yourself not giving blow jobs (or rim jobs, or whatever jobs) to your partner, then don’t do it during the exciting early phase. Be the sexual person you are, not who you want him to think you are. It’s a kind of masturbate-and-switch. 

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