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10 Not-So-Basic Date Night Ideas During National Romance Month

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Sooo if you’d ask anyone what month was most synonymous with love, you’d hands-down get February as a response. After all, it’s got Cupid, hearts and Hallmark ALL over it. But in all actuality, August is National Romance Month - a time for couples to revel in their relationships and remember why they were, are and always will be blissed-out on their bae.

In honor of a cherub-less 31 days of amor appreciation, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite date night ideas to keep things exciting and oh-so-more inspiring than a basic bottle of wine and some pizza (that’s still always an option).

Swipe through and pencil some picks into your calendars. We’ve included a special few especially for nearlyweds, and for those of you not-engaged-yet, you never know, one of these just might end up becoming the day/night you knew he or she was the one … just sayin’.

Get your e-sesh on!

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If you’re saying ‘I Do’ sometime next year and want to have photos for your save-the-dates or just to hang around the house (another fun date night idea, TBH), book a date with your photographer and pick a special spot, get all fancy, and start cheesin’ with your sweetie. Even if primping and posing isn’t your jam, you’ll be decked out for date night anyway!

Get started on your vows

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What better excuse to get cranking on those vows than during Romance Month… Grab dinner out and then retire home to put pen to paper. Pick your favorite quiet place, or snuggle up on opposite sides of the couch, and get those creative juices flowing. Before going to bed, share the first piece of prose with your love as a sneak peek for what’s to come on the big day!

Pick out your wedding bands

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If you haven’t shopped for your rings yet, taking a trip to your favorite jeweler together might just be the perfect date! Scoping out the rings you’ll wear for the rest of your life is quite romantic, and we’re pretty sure diamonds+gold count as aphrodisiacs, right?

Plan your honeymoon

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Okay, nothing is more romantic than a getaway for just the two of you. So, pick a night and play travel agent for the biggest vacation of your life so far. Pull out your computers and research some of the hautest hideaways for newlyweds these days. Scrolling through pictures of turquoise waters and exotic excursions will no doubt get you in the mood.

Master mixology

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Thinking of serving up a sassy signature cocktail at your wedding? Get some pointers at a couples mixology class! Whether he wants whisky and you prefer a prosecco spritzer (totally not stereotyping, yaaas to the bourbon-drinking bride), you both can pick up some skills and apply it to your wedding day. Plus, in the spirit of bonding - it’s a great opportunity to learn something new together and maybe even discover a drink that you both love. Instead of his and hers … you’ll walk away with an ‘ours.’

Make your wedding playlist

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You’ll eventually need to prepare a killer playlist for your band or DJ, so make a night of it with your fiancé! Pop some bottles and start merging all the songs you’ve been stocking on Spotify. We love this too, because you can spend time reminiscing over the first few tracks you ever slow-danced to or what lyrics lowkey make you think of your love. If all else fails… impromptu dance party.

Find a new show to binge on

ozark Netflix Original:

Sometimes a little Netflix and chill is everything. When you’ve had enough GOT and want something new, do a little digging on what’s particularly bingeable RN, and make a date with your guy or girl. Put your phones down. Seriously. And start getting sucked into the series. Talking about your fave characters and predicting how the plotlines will play out can be such a turn on…

Go shopping for each other

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Hands up if the last time you went to the mall with your partner was when you had a work function and needed an outfit yesterday (anxiously dragging him or her around with you as your wardrobe wingman/woman)… Well, this time, plan to spend the afternoon or evening there and take turns in your favorite stores. Have your boo pick out some things that he/she would love to see on you and you do the same. Playing stylist for your significant other can be super sexy!

Join the circus

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How many times have you texted each other the stressed emoji and agreed that being an adult is the absolute worst? Our suggestion: do something your 8 or 9-year-old selves would die to do! Circus art classes are having a MAJOR moment and they’re kind of perfect for a daring date night. From aerial tricks to trapeze training, these activities are sure to pump you two up. Not to mention, seeing each other stretching in spandex can’t hurt your libidos.

Collect something together

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If it was still last summer, we’d say grab your girlfriend or boyfriend and get outside for some Pokemon Go… gotta catch em all, right? But, in reality, becoming collecting cohorts can be so carefree and fun. If you or he already has an impressive collection of stamps, shot glasses, bottle caps, matchbooks, antique compacts, etc., then help the cause by adding to their stash. Or, decide on something new to accrue. We can’t think of anything more adorably romantic than going on a hunt for, say, snow globes, kaleidoscopes or some vintage vinyl together.

OR you could throw everything out the window and get engaged if you’re dating (or elope if that’s your thing!). National Romance Month-made proposal… done and done.

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