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Top 5 Ways To Celebrate National Boyfriend Day in America

National Boyfriend Day in Oct. 3rd. Top 5 ways to celebrate here!

Mark your calendars! October 3rd is national boyfriend day which means you only have a few days left to find the perfect gift. If this quirky holiday has managed to elude you until now, then there’s no better time to start planning the perfect surprise.

NationalToday.com conducted a survey of 1,000 Americans to see what they're planning to do for that special someone, and they found that some guys are in for a special treat...

A whopping 84% of Americans with boyfriends plan to celebrate, while only 16% say they don't plan to observe National Boyfriend Day.

A lucky 12% of Americans with a boyfriend plan to pop the question on National Boyfriend Day. Awwww. They'll need to know what ring to pick, find your ring style here

Unsure if your boyfriend will pop the question? 89% of significant others say they're in it for the long haul. 

If you’ve been in a relationship for YEARS, don't worry you’re not alone. 29% say they have been dating their boyfriends from 1-3 years, 22% have been dating from 3-6 years, and a staggering 30% have been dating for over 6 years. If it’s been 6 years or longer, then it’s time to put a ring on it.


#1 . Cook dinner for their boyfriend

A home cooked meal always sounds good, and 24% of the surveyors are planning just that. Here are 10 easy to prep meals for two.


#2. Plan a fun date 

23% are planning a fun date. Go to the beach, visit an amusement park, go to a movie, or go on a spontaneous adventure. The options are endless. Here are 50 things to do besides going out to drink.


#3. Buy my boyfriend a present 

10% want to buy a gift for their boyfriend. DIY a gift yourself, or get him that one thing he's been dying to have. Pinterest has a few gift ideas to check out.


#4. Netflix marathon with my boyfriend

10% said they want to Netflix and chill. Cook a romantic dinner for two, then pick a binge-worthy show you both want to see (like Stranger Things!). Easiest date night ever.


#5. Watch sports with my boyfriend 

If binge watching Stranger Things on Netflix isn't your thing....4% said they would rather catch a game with their boyfriend. So pop some popcorn and grab a few beers for a nice date night in. Bonus points for snuggling on the couch.


#6. Eat Out

If you don’t want to spend hours slaving away in the kitchen but still want to show your significant other how special they are, why not take them to a restaurant on National Boyfriend Day? 

Eating out doesn't have to be predictable of mundane. There are many ways of eating out that will provide both you and your boyfriend with a truly unforgettable experience. From eating in an underwater restaurant to watching chefs create your dish right in front of you, there are endless options for you to try. 

The key to finding a fabulous restaurant is to do some research. First, you should decide how far you’re willing to travel. 

If you want to stay within fifty miles, simply use a search engine to find restaurants near you. If you’re in America, themed restaurants are available everywhere. 

Medieval Times, for example, allows you to watch a thrilling jousting event while enjoying rustic food. There is truly something for everyone where food is concerned.


#7. Learn Something New Together

Have you ever thought you’d like to try a new skill but simply don’t have the time? For National Boyfriend Day, learning a new skill is a great way of spending some quality time together. 

You can learn how to bake a cake, paint an oil painting, or even make jewelry. Since it’s a day to celebrate your boyfriend, make sure you choose something that suits both your interests. 

He might find baking a bit girly, for example. If you really want to show him how much you care, why not choose something that he absolutely loves. 

Whether it’s a general experience like dirt-trucking through a swamp or creating something, he’ll truly appreciate your willingness to spend time with him doing something that he enjoys. 

Relationships are all about creating memories, and having something tangible you’ve both created will be truly memorable. Your creation can be used to decorate your home together, and every time you look at it, you’ll remember the fun you had. 


#8. Fly on a Private Jet 

If you really want to go the extra mile and splurge for this special day, why not take your significant other on a private jet? 

You can both look at the world from up above while travelling in style. You can enjoy a wonderful meal together, drink champagne, and bask in the thrill of feeling like a celebrity while flying through the air. 

Your boyfriend will feel like a million dollars when you surprise him with such a wonderful gift. And when you’re getting ready for the experience, don’t forget to decide what to wear when you fly on a private jet.

You might want to wear something comfortable, but your clothes should also reflect how special the occasion is. Wouldn’t it be fun to dress in formal wear? You can feel like a goddess and admire how handsome your partner looks in a tux. 

You can even go the extra mile and arrange for friends and family to meet you when you exit the plane. If you’re super organized, you can wear one outfit for the plane journey itself and another for when you greet your loved ones. 



Life with your boyfriend should be fun and exhilarating. Sometimes jobs, families, and stressful situations can put a strain on your relationship. 

Daily routines can leave little time for true romance. That’s why showing your boyfriend how much you care on National Boyfriend Day is so important. 

Luckily, our list of eight ways to celebrate National Boyfriend Day in America has given you lots of ideas for inspiration.

You have a wide variety of activities to choose from: now it’s time to start planning your special day so that you and your boyfriend can create precious memories you’ll look back on in years to come!

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