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What Engagement Ring Style Fits Your Personality?

how to select an engagement ring based on your personality

Figuring out which engagement ring you want can really be a daunting process. Why? Because they're all beautiful, they all sparkle and you're going to wear it forever! Honestly, we should start a new trend that you get 7 engagement rings. One for everyday of the week (just kidding - that's crazy talk). How fabulous would that be? However, as of now, you only will receive one engagement ring and it better speak to who you are.

To help you figure out which engagement ring screams your name, we enlisted Shane Co. to break down the rings that go with different personality types. Scroll down to find the perfect engagement ring based upon your best personality traits and your favorite celeb.

are you
bold and out going?

Jennifer Lawerence engagement ring style photo:

Personality Style: Bold and outgoing

Ring Style: Halo

If you’re bold and outgoing like Jennifer Lawrence with a love for sparkle, a halo engagement ring may be just what you’re looking for. A shimmering halo of diamonds is eye-catching and will make your center stone appear larger. Choose from a variety of halo shapes like oval, pear, cushion. See hundreds of halo engagement rings.

unique halo engagement

Learn more about this halo engagement ring from Shane Co.

halo platinum engagement ring from @Shanecompany

See this halo round platinum engagement ring.

unique halo engagement ring from @shanecompany

Learn how you can wear this stunning halo engagement ring. Photo: Christa Obrien

Are you
sophisticated and worldly?

Katie Holmes and Jamie Fox engagement ring style Photo:

Personality Type: Sophisticated and worldly like Katie Holmes

Engagement Ring Style: Vintage

If you have a sophisticated and worldly personality type like Katie Holmes, a vintage-inspired engagement ring may be perfect. With beautiful and intricate detailing, a vintage style engagement ring has unique and elegant look that is absolutely stunning. See hundreds of vintage inspired engagement rings

rose gold engagement ring

See how you can get the rose gold engagement ring.


Learn more about this vintage diamond engagement ring.


The detail in this diamond vintage engagement ring up close is breathtaking.

Are you
adventurous and outdoorsy ?

fabletics-2-katehudson photo:

Personality Type: Adventurous and outdoorsy

Engagement Ring Style: Solitaire

Does your personality fall on the adventurous and outdoorsy side like Kate Hudson? A solitaire engagement ring may be just right for your lifestyle. This classic design is simple and lovely while still offering the option to have gorgeous side detailing. A solitaire ring can also be paired with any style wedding band.

See all solitaire engagement rings up close.

cathedral round diamond engagement ring from @shaneco

In love with this cathedral round diamond engagement ring in 14k white gold? Learn more about it here

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rose gold solitaire engagement ring

See this rose gold solitaire engagement ring here.

14k yellow gold engagement ring from @shanecompany

See this 14k yellow gold engagement ring up close

are you
classic and traditional ?

Reese Witherspoo engagement ring style photo:

Personality Type: Classic and traditional 

Engagement Ring Style:  Pavé

If you have a classic style like Reese Witherspoon, but also love a little sparkle, a pavé engagement ring is a lovely choice. Whether you choose a simple pavé setting or an infinity design, pavé engagement rings offer a shimmering twist on the classic.

rose gold pave diamond wedding set

Learn more about this rose gold pavé diamond wedding set.

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this pave set round diamond ring is beyond gorgeous from @shanecompany

Learn more about this pavé set round diamond here

diamond infinity engagement ring from ShaneCompany

Love this diamond infinity engagement ring? See it up close here

are you
untraditional and off-beat?

Zooey Deschanel is adorkable photo:

Personality Type: Untraditional and off-beat

Engagement Ring Style: Colored center stone

Do you like to stand out from the crowd like adorkable Zooey Deschanel? Then a colorful center stone engagement ring may be perfect for you. Sapphires come in a number of gorgeous colors and can be paired with any engagement ring style. Scroll down to fall in love with one these untraditional and off-beat engagement rings from Shane Co.

diamond infinity engagement ring with pave setting from @ShaneCompany

How amazing is this diamond infinity engagement ring with pave settings? 

halo engagement ring with blue sapphire center

We are gushing over this halo engagement ring in white gold. See how it can be yours.

oval double halo engagement ring in two tone gold for @shanecompany

Learn more about this oval double halo engagement ring in two tone gold.

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