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Quit Bugging Me Is the Best Valentine’s Day Get-Even Ever

Quit Bugging Me Is the Best Valentine’s Day Get-Even Ever Photo Credit:

Okay, so I’m pretty sure I’m one of the only people left in the world who loves Valentine’s Day. Always have, always will - and NOT because I’ve always had a crush to share it with. I just appreciate the holiday, for the celebration of all things pink, for the truffles, and for all the TV episodes that are Cupid-themed. Yep, I’m that basic.

But just last night, as I was scrolling through Facebook in bed, I read about a hysterical Valentine’s (or anti-V-day, really) campaign that’s happening down in El Paso, TX and I had to talk about it today. As part of its “Quit Bugging Me” event, the El Paso Zoo is giving jilted exes the opportunity to name a cockroach after their ex and then await its totally-f***ed fate 😳. Yes, that’s right, you can finally imagine your ex getting his or her head bitten off and you don’t have to feel guilty about it. Because the zoo is giving you the green light! 

Quit Bugging Me Is the Best Valentine’s Day Get-Even Ever Photo Credit:

So, how can one slightly-bitter boyf or girlf go about having their former flame ferociously devoured by a meerkat (or, actually maybe even a cotton-top tamarin, golden tamarin, or white-headed marmoset - the zoo has had SOOO much interest in the activation that it is opening the feeding frenzy to a few more of its hungry inhabitants)?

Well, it’s really easy:
  1. You message the zoo on Facebook with your ex’s name ASAP

  2. Look for their first name and last initial to pop up on the zoo’s FB feed starting February 11th (just so you have an actual ledger / proof that they’ll be one of the animal’s lunch items)

  3. Tune in to the zoo’s Facebook Live session - or peep the zoo’s website’s Meerkat webcam - at 2:15PM on Valentine’s Day to see the bugs get crunched.

  4. Feel nice and satisfied after it’s all done, without having to feel like you’re going to hell.

Quit Bugging Me Is the Best Valentine’s Day Get-Even Ever Photo Credit:

The zoo’s event coordinator, Sarah Borrego, shared with CBS News that the whole thing is really just “a fun way to get the community involved” in their daily enrichment activities. Pretty. Damn. Genius if you ask us.

Anyone else feel like this major zoo coup is something that Leslie Knope would have championed at one point in time?!?!! I don’t know, I feel like Sarah and the rest of the El Paso Zoo staff are Parks and Rec goals all over. But that’s just my opinion…

And just think. You could have a Galentine’s Day celebration on Feb 13. and all bitch about your exes and how much you’d like to see them meet a messy end. OR you could plan a viewing party of the meerkat munch, cheers with some champs, and get lots of somewhat-sick satisfaction out of seeing your exes snacked on. We love it, and we know just what to drink…. Check back in on Monday for that 😘!

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