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Non-Basic Ways to Do Valentine’s Day Flowers This Year

Non-Basic Ways to Do Valentine’s Day Flowers This Year Inspiration:

Valentine’s Day is T-minus two weeks away, peeps, so it’s time to start thinking about gifts, date night ideas, etc. for the day. And I feel like I might have told this story once upon a time ago, but it’s worth mentioning again, because it acknowledges a very real truth: even if your S.O. says she ‘doesn’t want flowers’ for Cupid’s occasion, she does.

I had been with my then fiancé, now husband, for seven years before he ever sent a Valentine’s Day bouquet to my office. That’s totally my fault, because when we were in college, we went to separate schools and always tried to arrange visits to see each other for the holiday instead of sending gifts. And then once we entered the NYC workforce, I happened to start just a few weeks before Vday, so I didn’t want my guy sending me flowers and potentially ‘embarrassing’ me in front of my new co-workers. Finally, a few years later, he said “Danielle, do you want flowers? I want to send you some, but you never want ‘em!’ To that, I of course said ‘nah, it’s okay,’ but when February 14th came around, I eagerly waited to hear my desk phone ring to say that I had a delivery…. And it did! Despite my reassurance that I’d be “fine” without flowers on my desk, I really wanted them, and TG my partner knows me so well, he could tell that I was full of ****.

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At the end of the day, as much as we (as women) try to squash our need for the basic holiday treats and trimmings, we all want them.

In fact, even one of our very own florists, Cherie of Waiting on Wildflowers Floral Artistry + Design, who’s literally around flowers EVERY.SINGLE.DAY recalls one of her most memorable Valentine’s Days with her husband.

“I’ll never forget when I told my husband we were going to forego Valentine’s Day, but let’s be real ladies, we really do care. My husband picked up on my vibe and brought home a mixed pack of greenery. He said he knew I saw flowers all the time, so greenery would be the way to my heart. He wasn’t wrong! Sometimes it’s the simple things that make the most impact!”

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I think that sometimes we just expect Vday blooms to be roses or bust, but evidently, if we have a florist’s blessing - and we do, see above ☝️🌿- then we can move right on past those been there-done that bouquets. And allow those who love and adore us (they do!) to break tradition, try something new, and maybe even save some money while they're at it.

Just because it’s Valentine’s Day, doesn’t mean you have to go with red roses, there are so many possibilities out there. That’s why Yuliya Radion, of Jewels Floral suggests “making it personal.”

“Instead of sticking to a template flower type and color palette, go with what types of flowers your S.O. actually likes - whether that be sunflowers, lilies, mums, or roses - use their favorites color(s) for inspiration and find a way to make it unique.”  

Non-Basic Ways to Do Valentine’s Day Flowers This Year Inspiration:

“My suggestion is going out of the typical red, pink, and white bubble and using other colors and tones,” says Andie Williams, Dandie Andie Floral Designs. “The florist will love being able to design with a different palette, so think of including other shades like peach or yellow or maybe purple!”

Especially if that means DIY-ing it!

You don’t have to be married to a florist, either, to rise to the arrangement occasion….

Around Valentine's Day, the price to impress your favorite could cost more than the fancy bottle of Cabernet you picked out. So, Cherie came prepared with this arrangement recipe that will surely be having your gal reach for a hug.

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How to make your own bouquet 

1. Find a sharpened pair of garden shears and a container roughly the size of a can of soup. Fill it about half way with clean water.

2. Search the yard for greenery that looks sturdy and bendy.

3. Check out your local grocer for fresh packs of florals like alstroemerias or carnations (they last for days!).

4. Add them in odd numbers, with even space. Remember not to stuff them too tightly so that they have room to breathe.

5. Add a simple card for an extra touch of love!

~ Cherie, Waiting on Wildflowers 

Remember making Valentine’s Day cards when you were young?

Well, you’ve still got that craftiness inside of you, have at it! 

“To do this, head to your nearest Trader Joe’s. They sell small bunches of the same type of flowers and greens for around $4 each bunch. For $25, you can get enough flowers and greens to create a big gorgeous arrangement, and even less for something smaller. Get creative with your color palette and color combinations and pick different types of flowers (not just roses). They frequently carry textural elements like thistle, as well, like a berry option. Adding these interesting touches makes your arrangement extra special. You can save one of the plastic wraps they come in to wrap your finished product in, or cut open a paper bag and use that to wrap up your floral art and finish it off with a pretty bow holding it all together. Other wrap options would be a simple ribbon at the base, or tissue paper to add some color, with or without the brown paper. I always recommend that before wrapping the entire bouquet up, wrap some wet paper towels to the freshly-cut stems to keep them hydrated, then wrap that with a small plastic bag or plastic wrap, sealing this water source with a rubber band. This will keep your flowers fresh for longer, so when they arrive they will look beautiful!” ~ Jessica Farrell, Royal Bee Floral Design and Event Styling 

Non-Basic Ways to Do Valentine’s Day Flowers This Year Inspiration:

And if you’re buying, be smart about the source

“If delivery is the route for you, I strongly recommend avoiding the generic, third-party websites. Google the destination city for a local florist and call them directly. You will not only end up sending a much prettier and unique arrangement to your loved one that you can partially customize with their favorite flowers or colors, but you’ll be helping the florist out, since they won’t have to pay hefty fees out to the third party site. They will almost always work with you on finding something within your budget. Keep in mind, a gorgeous, well-made arrangement will cost at least $50, especially if you want something unique done by a pro!” ~ Jessica Farrell, Royal Bee Floral Design and Event Styling

Don't ya just love seriously XO-worthy looks that don’t immediately make you think of ‘accepting this rose…’ The only thing Bachelor-ish you should be willing for the evening is that fantasy suite… arewerite?!?!

Non-Basic Ways to Do Valentine’s Day Flowers This Year Inspiration:

If all else fails, though, consider combining a few favorites - like baby cakes topped with fresh flowers a la Wild Hill Flowers and Events! We love this, because the two of you (and even more, if you have little ones at home) can enjoy it together. And afterwards, you can even put the blooms into a decorative shadow box for safe keeping! 

Non-Basic Ways to Do Valentine’s Day Flowers This Year Inspiration:

Oh! And we have plenty of floral inspiration to peruse. Stuff that will surely hit you like that arrow in your tush, if you need it … Check it out!

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