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Find The Perfect Gift For Him In Our Gift Guide

Find The Perfect Gift For Him In Our Gift Guide

Hey there Christmas fans! Are you excited to get this holiday season kicked off? We are too! But in order to allow ourselves to relax the way we want to, we feel like we need to get our gifts planned and purchased asap.

So to help you out we here at Wedding Chicks have created a gift-giving guide of all the things we love and think you’d enjoy giving to those you love. And to make it even simpler we have created some awesome categories to search through. Gifts for Her, Gifts for Him and Gifts for Them.

Today we are going to focus on that lovely mister in your life and so will be telling you all about some of our favorite gift ideas for Him. But please head on over to our Gift Guide and check out all the awesome ideas.

Clark & Taft Shaving Kit


First, off the bat, we want to say how much we adore Clark & Taft, and their toiletry bags are a favorite groomsmen gift that will last forever. So why not gift your favorite guy one of these at Christmas? He can tote all his shaving supplies in this fabulously versatile kit and think of you every time he uses it.

Oh, and we should mention that we also have a killer discount code for you at Clark & Taft. Just enter code WCCT20 for 20% OFF at checkout! 

The Men's Society Surfer Survival Kit

Surfer survival kit

Next on our favorite “For Him” gifts is this surfer survival kit. No, he doesn’t have to be the beach bum dude, but he could be! And with this helpful all in one kit, he’s prepared for everything his trips to the beach might through at him! This kit will keep him safe from the sun, the sand and all the swimming creatures that live in the ocean!

Brooklyn Brew Shop Beer Making Kit

beer making kit

Speaking of fun activities and hobbies your guy might be into, we love the idea of getting him hooked on making his own brew! This beer making kit from Brooklyn Brew Shop is and fantastic gift that keeps on giving after the holiday season!

Crate & Barrel Ice Sphere Mold

crate and barrel ice mold

Along similar lines, if you two are of the mind to expand your bartending skills he might enjoy this fun new addition to your at-home bar. Sure anyone can make giant ice cubes, but what will your guests say when you serve them up that fine whiskey with an ice sphere chilling it as they sip? Our guess… “Holy balls of ice, Batman!”

Beardiful Coffee Mug

dont hate me because im beardiful

and as recoup from your fancy cocktail party on Saturday, you and your Mr. Right will need the perfect mugs to sip coffee or tea from and if your guy proudly sports a beard we have the best coffee mug for him! He’ll love this “Don’t hate me because I’m Beardiful” coffee mug almost as much as you’ll enjoy seeing him use it!

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Did this help? Are you curious about what else there might be for you to find and gift to your loved ones? We highly recommend heading over to the Wedding Chicks gift guide to find the perfect little something for the special person in your life! Oh and be sure to check back every other week for another round-up of our favorites gifts in the guide. Enjoy, and we wish you the very best in this Holiday Season.

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