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Have Fun With Your Holiday Cards This Season


Listen… do you hear them? The bells, whether they are silver or of the jingle sort, they are getting closer, and that holiday to-do list is starting to stack up. But Wedding Chicks is here to keep you sane in this crazy time of the year. That’s right, we have everything from holiday decoration tips (Check out our Alternative Tree post), the perfect cookies to bake (Can’t-miss Christmas Cookies), we even have a gift guide!

But even with all that help what are you really dreading having to face this season?… can we guess? Is it that long list of holiday cards you need to get pulled together, write, and then somehow remember to mail off before the whole Christmas season slips away? We thought so. We may not have an in-house holiday card printer but we have some pretty awesome leads on some great websites that you might actually fall in love while you create your own personalized holiday cards.


no. 1: Basic Invite

We love Basic Invite, not only do they have some cute, fun, and all-around beautiful designs for you to send warm wishes to your friends and family with but you can customize your design all form one easy to understand page. So adjust the color, add a photo and change the text, you can even customize the shape of your card, and then once you have crafted the perfect holiday greeting, Basic Invite will mail them for you! Imagine if you didn’t have to mess with the post office at all this season. … what a gift. 

Speaking of gifts, take an additional 30% off your holiday card purchase with coupon code HOLI30.

Screen Shot 2019-10-28 at 42725 PM


no. 2: Social Prints

We love a lot about Social Prints. They make some beautiful gifts our of the photos you take and share on your social media but did you know that they also have a new app called Greetings: Custom Photo Cards? So even if you happen to be the business person this holiday season and can’t find the time to sit down and create your greeting cards you can do it all from your phone!

Pick from tons of designs, insert and edit your photo, add your personalized greeting and just like Basic Invite, Social Prints print and ship them out to all those you love. So easy-peasy you might actually have time to sit by your tree and enjoy a leisurely cup of eggnog before jetting off to your next holiday event.

Screen Shot 2019-10-28 at 42751 PM


Screen Shot 2019-10-28 at 42836 PM

no. 3: Postable

Postable has saved me countless times when I realized I have a friends birthday or life event coming up. I love all of their cards and they always have the perfect one without fail. Well, did you know that they also have a holiday card service? You can pick out your favorite card put your lovely face on the front add that sweet holiday message inside and they will ship it out to as many people as you like. Gotta love that!

I mean with all these online services, it kind of makes you wonder if the Post Office might be feeling a little left out with fewer people rushing in to mail off their piles of holiday cards. Although, I can tell you I’m more than pleased to cross them off my places-to-be list this Christmas.


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