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Want To Have The Most Photogenic Wedding Of The Year?

How cute are the girls in this bridal party?

When two photographers fall in love its seems only natural that their big day would be about as photogenic as humanly possible. And this theory has been proven absolutely correct with this next weddings real life photography couple from Ukraine. With five years of wedding photography experience, saying they were pros at what makes weddings beautiful would be a bit of an understatement. 

This adorable couple took some time to capture their sweet relations ship in a pre-wedding cozy photo shoot at their sweet apartment, and the bride has some of the cutest bridal photos of her and her wedding crew! Seriously the wedding was gorgeous but the shining stars of this day are the bride and the groom! 

You can see every last sweet moment of their big day in the full gallery, and it might just show you how to have the most photogenic wedding of the year. Or it will at least give you some fantastic ideas for your own summer time wedding. 

This bride wanted a fun photo shoot with all her besties

girlfriends in hats a bridal party photo shoot

cute summer time photo shoot idea best friends make the world go around

a fun and super cute bridal party shoot

A sweet sweet love story

From the Bride: Yurii and I met when we where younger, we both followed our passion for photography. As friends we would exchange camera lenses and sweets but eventually we realized that it was more than just “focal length” between us.

Yurii has always taken special care of me, I still remember our romantic evenings at the beach, or concerts of our favorite bands, We spent too much time together, but I always felt so happy and free near my prince.

So after two years of beautiful dates, we decided that we wanted to fall asleep and wake up next to one another every day. We wanted to put all of our cameras and lenses on one shelf. We wanted to cook the most delicious dinners and watch French movies until dawn. So we went in search of a cozy apartment for the two of us which we found and excitedly started our lives together.

One day Yurii surprised me at our home with a handful of beautiful pale pink garden roses. He got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was so overwhelmed with happiness as he slipped the ring onto my finger and we hugged forever. It was the 4th of December 2015, I will remember this day for the rest of my life.

wedding invitation suite with a classic style

wedding shoes bride getting ready on the day of her wedding steamy bride and groom wedding photo session sweet bride and groom wedding photos

treat yourself on your big day

getting wedding ready summer time boutonnieres

summer time wedding bouquet

bridal getting ready photo groom in light grey suit

wedding ready bride

romantic and classic bridal portrait bridesmaids in soft pink dresses

The Perfect Little Wedding

As we are photographers and have been in the wedding industry for the last 5 years, planning our own was delightfully stressing. We definitely knew that we wanted a beautiful family dinner surrounded by those closest to us. We wanted a sincere, warm atmosphere, white semi-sweet wine, quiet jazz and a little rock’n’roll.

Our photographer was our beloved friend Nastia Vesna. We also hired Mullberry Decor who are highly talented florists and decorators. We trusted they would build the perfect fairy tale day for us.

summer time wedding ceremony decor

summer time wedding ceremony outside in a beautiful garden oversized greenery wedding dog accessories


sharing wedding vows putting on the wedding ring

happy bride and groom

groom in light grey suit and grooms men in all white bridesmaids in soft pin and purple.

floral accented chicken white seating display

sweetheart table for your perfect outdoor summer wedding

cheers to the newlyweds gold and pink wedding table setting sweet summer time wedding table decor heart warming bride and groom wedding portrait

wedding kiss shared at the sweetheart table

Get a closer look at this sweet summertime wedding by watching the wedding video from Ivory Films below.


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