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Unicorns Really Do Exist at This Vintage Circus Wedding Inspiration

Unicorn horse with a pink mane

Unicorns really do exist at this vintage circus wedding inspiration from La Fête and a team of must-have creatives from the UK. The midsummer circus feel came together with vintage furniture, 50 shades of pink and the prettiest unicorn everrr. No joke, they dyed the mane and tale of this gorgeous horse and attached a handmade horn to create a real-life magical unicorn.

As if that wasn’t enough, they took it all a step further with a cool VW photo bus and an amazing circus inspired cake with a spinning horse at the top. Discover all the magical details below captured by Roberta Facchini Photography. Oh, and don’t miss the full gallery after.

Pink and white invitation suite

Vintage circus feel

From Charlotte Ricard, Founder of La Fête: The inspiration for this shoot was an ethereal, 50 shades of pink, vintage circus feel. I remember thinking that I absolutely wanted to involve my horse in some way so started my inspirational research with the words: 'ethereal pink horse.' I then saw a bright fuchsia vintage caravan and started to think of a gypsy campfire which then reminded me of a vintage circus camp setup and Ethereal Circus was born!

Pink and fuchsia bouquet

Gold detail wedding dress with a ruffle skirt Soft and natural bridal makeup

Braided hair with flowers

Horse unicorn with a pink mane

Circus wedding inspiration

Unicorns really do exist

I must say that dressing up my horse as a unicorn was my favourite element! We had done several dye trials on her mane and tail in the months prior to the shoot to try and get the perfect shading, so on the morning of the shoot, we knew the exact mix of pink and white to use to dye her gorgeous locks. We then put on her white leather bridle and attached her handcrafted unicorn horn to her head. I then added a couple of pale pink flowers around her head and Voila! Unicorns really do exist!

3 pups in a row Zebra vase for a circus inspired wedding Pup with a flower collar

Circus inspired wedding

Seating chart display

Natural table with pink and gold details Create a centerpiece with vintage books

Gold and pink table decor

Shades of pink

The colour palette was all about different shades of pinks, from the cotton candy to the bright fuchsia. We then added some touches of cream, green and electric blue. These colours were also mixed with different textures such as velvet, wood, and ceramics. This mix and match of colours and textures not only gave the shoot an elegant summer wedding vibe but was also reminiscent of old-school circus shows.

Gold unicorn place card holder

Dessert cart bar for a circus themed wedding Dessert bar Fancy lolipops

Carousel wedding cake

Gold and white circus cake

Motorized cake detail

This shoot as a whole is particularly unique due to the amount of special and unusual details that we combined to bring it to life. From the real-life unicorn to the motorized twirling sugar unicorn inside the stunning four-tiered wedding cake, this shoot was full of magical and unique touches.

Mini unicorn cake Fancy cookies

Circus inspired wedding ideas for grown ups

Illusion top with embellished details Gorgeous wedding hair


VW van photo booth Furry masks for a photo booth

Magical and unique 

The style vision for this shoot was to try and set up in the middle of the fields an ethereal wedding that had influences from a circus. Taking it to the traditional circus sense of setting up camp, with antique furniture in the middle of the field etc. I really wanted to keep this as magical and as elegant as possible whilst making it completely unique and different.

Smoke bomb love

Have a wild and fun circus themed wedding Circus themed wedding ideas for grown ups

To get a closer look at this circus inspired wedding, check out the wedding film Gione da Silva created below!


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