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Traditional Pink Museum Wedding

Traditional Pink Museum Wedding @weddingchicks

The venue was an amazing backdrop for this traditional pink museum wedding. Landis Valley Museum is a historical museum and farm that is like a snapshot in time.
Although the day was full of traditional loveliness there were also some fun and unconventional wedding ideas that we think were super neat, such as breakfast for dinner! See if you can pick out even more of their unconventional wedding ideas in the full gallery here, photographed by Kristina Ross Photography.

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rose and succulent bouquet @weddingchicks

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Breakfast For Dinner

One of the most touching moments of many weddings I shoot is the first look, but I have to say, Matt and Jenna's was one for the history books! So much joy, so much love, so much excitement and anticipation. The Firehouse that their reception was in was the perfect place to gather after the ceremony, and it was complete with breakfast for dinner and a fully-serviced omelet bar, an idea Jenna had from the very beginning. They collected vintage china and gold flatware for months and months leading up to the wedding, and it all came together so well.

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Push Against Tradition

While our actual wedding day was absolutely perfect and went off without a hitch, I wish I would have always stayed true to myself and my vision from the very beginning of planning. Since we decided to go with several "non-traditional" elements (breakfast for dinner, for example), we got some push back from family members and friends who thought we had to stick with tradition and make our wedding as "classic" as possible. From the very beginning of our engagement, my husband and I knew we wanted to incorporate our own styles and tastes into our wedding day so that it would be a true reflection of who we are as a couple.

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Stay True To You

Deciding to go against the norm was the very best decision we could have made, even though it meant possibly disappointing those that are close to us, or having our vision be questioned. It's your wedding day, so do what YOU want to do. At the end of the day, those that love you will support you, no matter what crazy wedding-related wedding ideas you have!See their wedding video below, filmed by Shawn Fisher Productions.


Read on to see how much this traditional pink museum wedding cost. Please note that costs change as the years go by, and prices are subject to change. This is just one couple’s breakdown to give you a rough estimate on how much a wedding like this may cost you.

Our entire wedding day cost around $11,000. While I was convinced I could plan and execute our wedding day for way under 10k, we decided to splurge on a few things that put us around the 11k mark when all was said and done. Even though it's crazy to believe we spent that much on ONE day, we don't regret a single decision we made, and we think we pulled off a wedding that looks a lot more expensive! We saved a lot of money by purchasing my designer dress pre-owned, designing our own wedding invitations, going with breakfast for dinner, and hiring a lot of up-and-coming vendors. The general budget breakdown...
Venue - $2000
Photography & Videography - $1800
Catering - $2500
Flowers - $650
Dress w/ alterations - $450
Vintage Rentals - $600
Decor - $1000
Cake - $250
DJ - $850
Invitations/paper goods - $200

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