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The OKCupid Date That Led To This Wedding

Malibu Wedding

This is Donna and Wesley's love story. Sometimes you don't think you're ever going to find the one and then ... well, you DO.  If you are still single and an online dater looking for the one this might be a good read for you. You also might want to take personal inventory. I had quite a moment myself when I figured out the one thing I always did wrong in every relationship. I find great satisfaction on hearing about couples who find love later in life like Donna and Wesley. Read on to see how this love story unfolded and how the F word (calm down - it's just a word) played a sneaky little part. Donna shares this sweet story of fate with a little help from cupid ... OKCupid that is. Read on for their story.

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I had 1 hour to meet this guy from Okcupid.com for a quick meet and greet. Not much time, but I’m a busy girl in the fashion industry. We met for a smoothie at my favorite café in Los Feliz. Wesley was tall, handsome, commanding and confident. We had a really nice conversation and I thought to myself, I’ll see him again if he asks me out. 

The OKCupid Date That Led To This Wedding

After the hour was up, I had to jet off to the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills for afternoon tea, where my girlfriends held a quarterly women’s event called AMP Tea (Amazing. Magnificent. Phenomenal.) When I arrived, each of us set our intention to the universe as someone ties a silk string with angel charm onto your wrist. The theory is that when your bracelet falls off naturally, your intention has or will be coming true very soon. So I wished for “THE ONE” to come into my life-now! 

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The OKCupid Date That Led To This Wedding Lace wedding dress

42 years old and beyond ready, I didn’t want to wait anymore. The universe was definitely listening, because 30 minutes later, my bracelet-that was double knotted onto my wrist, fell off! Everyone said “OMG it’s probably the guy you just had a date with!” But, I still wasn’t convinced, just yet. I kept thinking back to my Thanksgiving session with a spiritual psychic in Sedona, AZ who told me “The one is coming, I see great love end of February-early March next year.” Hmm, could this all be related? It couldn’t be the guy I just had a date with! Could it?

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Well, at the end of February, Wesley told me loved me, and I knew-this was it. (I kept thinking “The One is coming end of February-Early March) By that summer, we decided to move in together. After a long day of unpacking and moving furniture around the house, we took a break on our front porch. Before we sat down I said to him “I love you babe!” to which he replied “Well I love you too sweetie!” “No, I mean, I REALLY FUCKIN’ LOVE YOU!” as I squished his cheeks with both hands while gazing into his gorgeous eyes. 

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With a quizzical look on his face, he said “hold that thought...for just one second” and he ran into the house and then out to one of his cars. I was thinking...what the heck is doing? He comes back to me a few minutes later with this “I fuckin love you” half a heart keychain. I was in shock! I didn’t know what to say. “How the....I don’t understand?!” I’m completely flabbergasted. 

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“Well, I have had this thing in my car for the last 12 years.” Wesley had another life before meeting me in 2015. He was married for 28 years, they had 3 children who are all grown up now and divorced her in September 2015, 2 months before we met each other on OKCupid.com, an online dating website. “I found it in the car about 12 years ago, shrugged my shoulders and put it in the glove compartment. Then I would find it again, and move it to the arm rest, then the ash tray. This keychain has been moved all around the car, but I never once thought I should get rid of it OR give it to my wife!” 

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I was in complete utter disbelief as he was telling me this story! How is it that a man with a wife, three children and super clean car would keep an item like this without an intended receiver? Wes had asked his kids, his friend who gave him the car if the keychain was theirs, and no one had claimed it. We both realized, on the front porch that day, that we were meant for each other.

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The universe, God, fate-whatever you want to call it, placed that keychain in his car, 12 years earlier for me, someday. There is no doubt in my mind that we were meant to be together. It just took us a lifetime apart to find each other...on the internet.

Thank you Sugar Branch Events for helping us share our story with the people we love and making our beach wedding in Malibu a dream come true.

The OKCupid Date That Led To This Wedding

"The Pacific Ocean was the perfect backdrop for this Malibu beachfront wedding. One hundred guests were serenaded by acoustic music during the ceremony, dined on local cuisine at The Sunset Restaurant. They splurged on French Macaroons and decent Wedding Cake, while sipping champagne and dancing the night away." - Sugar Branch Events

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