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The Romance Is Undeniable at This Rose Gold Wedding In Spain


A love that blossoms out of friendship is truly a beautiful thing. The wedding day to celebrate this kind of love is bound to be just a beautiful. Vanesa And Avelina were two stunning brides whos love was so obvious as they exchanged vows in the romantic courtyard of Castillo de Santa Catalina we couldn't help fall head over heels for this couple and their lovely wedding day! 

Keep scrolling to find out how both of them surprisingly proposed on the same night (So sweet!) and to see more of this "Awww" inspiring event! You won't miss a moment of it thanks to our full gallery of photos and the talents of El Marco Rojo.

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Love is Love

This beautiful couple based in Paris began their love story at University. They were both best friends and without realizing they just fell in love... They are still best friends but with much, much more love. This proposal was special and different, as there were actually two proposals! 

They felt the time was coming so the two of them bought the rings separately and while they were having dinner in a small boat in the Sena River, they proposed to each other without knowing that the other one was also going to! 


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The Venue

Vanesa and Avelina didn’t have any doubt choosing the venue as when they first visited Castillo de Santa Catalina, they felt the same: a feeling of joy and excitement. They just knew that it was the perfect place for them, an enchanted and lovely castle with amazing views. 

Planning From A Distance

The couple: What worried us the most was the organization, living in another country, being from one city and marrying in another (three cities, one story). We did not even know where to start, but Si! Quiero by Sira Antequera helped us to go step by step, enjoying all the process, having everything planned without surprises. 



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A Perfect Day

Without noticing, the day arrived and everything was just perfect, thanks to Si! Quiero by Sira Antequera. Everything is truly unforgettable, from the preparations, the first moment we saw each other, the dances… The entrance of our little dogs, Luna and Chispa … All of these moments are unforgettable and simply perfect so it is impossible to choose just one, we are in love with our wedding.









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