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Rustic Encore Wedding

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What would you do, if you could plan your wedding all over again? Would it be bigger or smaller? Would you dance the night away or enjoy laughing and chatting with your guests? It is fun to think about but what if it became a reality?
Tom and Kathy's rustic encore wedding was more then a reality, it was a dream celebration come true! A beautiful outdoor event with photos from Heather Anderson Photography that we cannot wait for you to see in the full gallery!

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What Is An Encore Wedding?

An encore wedding is a marriage in which the bride, groom or both have been married before. It doesn’t matter if this is the second, third or fourth marriage for one or both, it is still considered an encore wedding.

Small and quiet or large and lavish, they are about celebrating your love for another person, and your expression of that should be based on how you feel now and nothing else

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Sweet Second Wedding

From Heather Anderson Photography: This was a second wedding for both the bride and the groom. They wanted the a fairytale wedding weekend to be share with their fiend's and family. This was a celebration of love not only for the couple's love but the deep love of lifelong friends, family, and colleagues.

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Butterfly Release

From the Bride: We were planning to release butterflies on our processional but the weather was slightly cooler than expected and they weren’t quite “awake” enough to fly on their own when the box was opened.

My fabulous husband-to-be saved the day by reaching in the box, picking them up, and lifting them into the air so that they took flight. He also placed them on the shoulders and hands of the children in our audience much to their wonderment and delight. The entire wedding crowd LOVED it!

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Reception Restrictions

We weren’t able to use fireworks at our sendoff due to venue restrictions. We learned this after I’d already purchased $100 worth of wedding sparklers! So I guess one piece of advice would be to check details like fire pits and sparklers with your venue before you purchase.

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Practice Makes Perfect

We had a very personal and beautifully decorated sweethearts table with our wedding crystal, special bottles of wine, gorgeous candles, engraved antique silverware, and antique china with farmhouse linens… it was just so beautiful to sit and look at especially while we were basking in the glow of our ceremony and all our family and friends.

We did a “dry run” on our sweetheart’s table and dessert table and that helped so much in making the choices about what we would use and how it would look ahead of time.

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