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Rose Gold And Blush Intimate Wedding

gold sparkle wedding dress

Natasha and Joel are two people passionately in love with each other, dedicated to one another's happiness. They were very interested in having an intimate wedding, surrounded by just their immediate family. For Joel, his three sisters, and for Natasha, her parents and brother.
Natasha covered every detail, from her amazing gold sequin dress, to the unique bottled wedding invitations. Her inspiration was the warm hue of rose gold, and the classic look of white roses. If you love the idea of a small wedding make sure to check out the rest of these rose gold and blush intimate wedding ideas in the full gallery here, photographed by Molly Scott Photo & Video.

gold wedding accessories

gold glitter bottle wedding invitations

Wed On The James River

Natasha and Joel wanted a wedding location that was very "Richmond" while also showcasing the beautiful colors of Fall. Having their wedding on the infamous James River, which runs through much of Richmond, was a perfect choice. Complementing Natasha's vision, Joel really nailed it with his colorful suit coat and patterned accessories. A stylish couple, that is for sure!

stylish modern wedding attire

white rose wedding bouquet

Family Matters

This wedding was a "pop-up" wedding, so Natasha and Joel planned it all in just a few short months. Guests didn't know where the wedding was taking place until the day of, when they were chauffeured to the location. In fact, this spot was decided on just days before the wedding. Thanks to the kindness of some local Richmond residents, we were allowed to shoot on their beautiful waterfront property. After their sweet, intimate ceremony, a chef-curated dinner was held for Natasha and Joel's family at The Blue Goat. The Blue Goat features modern, neo-southern comfort food, locally sourced. Many beautiful toasts were made in honor of the past and in good will for the future.

intimate wedding ceremony by the lake

wedding nails and pear wedding ring

The Polka Dotted Bee

What is a Polka Dotted Bee?!  It’s common knowledge that bees are not biologically designed for flight.  Kind of inspiring? Despite expectations, they do what they do.  During the planning process, there will be a lot of constraints; from either people or your wallet.  They will tell you what you can and cannot do.  When this happens, just remember the humble bee!  Polka Dots?  Well, polka dots are fun!  The Polka Dotted Bee is here to defy your wallet’s expectation of what unique invitations can cost, and hopefully, have some fun a long the way.

winery wedding reception venue

white wedding cake with gold topper

Last Minute Hiccup

From the Bride: One thing that we would have done differently would have been to spend the extra money to hire a car service company for our ceremony getaway car instead of relying on a friend that owned a 1938 Buick Special. It was the perfect color, make, and model car and he was willing to chauffeur us from the ceremony location to the restaurant but his wife fell ill so he cancelled 3 hours before the ceremony. Thankfully, we have a friend that owns a car service company and was able to still get a nice getaway car at the last minute.Share in the romance and warmth of this wedding when you watch the video below, filmed by Molly Scott Photo & Video.


Read on to see how much this rose gold and blush intimate wedding cost. Please note that costs change as the years go by, and prices are subject to change. This is just one couple’s breakdown to give you a rough estimate on how much a wedding like this may cost you.

Invitations $ 90.00 (for 8 tiny message in a bottle invitations w/ gift boxes and a custom monogram that we hand delivered to each of the 6 guests)
Hotel $ 760.00 (one room for groom to spend the night the day before and get ready in the day of and one suite for bride to get ready in and for all 6 guests to gather before the ceremony. We also stayed in the suite the night of our wedding.)
Transportation $ 565.00 (The guests didn't know the ceremony location so we had prearranged transportation for them, along with ourselves, to get from the hotel to the ceremony site, ceremony site to the restaurant, and then back to the hotel...our photographer picked our outside ceremony location!
Flowers $ 130.00 (bride's bouquet, groom's lapel pin, and cake flowers)
Photographer & Videographer (4 hours coverage) $ 1,500.00
Officiant $ 100.00
Floral Preservation $ 400.00 (she made an arrangement of our preserved bouquet, lapel pin, and our wedding invitation in a beautifully framed shadow box)
Dinner $ 500.00 (for a 4-course meal for 8 people. We were in the private chef's room and allowed the chef to create the menu for everyone, based on dietary needs)
Cake $ 185.00
Subtotal: $ 4,230.00
Ensemble (bride):
Dress $ 600.00
Veil $ 160.00
Shapewear $ 30.00
Shoes $ 100.00
Earrings & bracelet $ 50.00
Subtotal: $ 940.00
Ensemble (groom):
Jacket $ 199.00
Pants $ 75.00
Shoes $ 295.00
Watch $ 250.00
Shirt $ 29.00
Bowtie $ 10.00
Socks $ 10.00
Subtotal: $ 868.00
Grooming (bride):
Mani/Pedi $ 160.00 (for bride and mother-of-the-bride)
Waxings/Threadings $ 100.00
Eyelashes $ 120.00
Hair and Makeup $ 100.00
Subtotal: $ 480.00
Grooming (groom):
Straight Razor Shave $ 50.00
Mani/Pedi $ 100.00 (for groom and bride's brother)
Subtotal: $ 150.00
Cufflinks $ 170.00 (for 2 male guests and groom)
Engraved bracelets $ 120.00 (for 4 female guests and bride)
Handkerchiefs $ 45.00 (for father and mother-of-the-bride)
Subtotal: $ 335.00
Custom Wedding Cake Topper $ 90.00
Marriage License $ 50.00
Custom Wedding Dress Hanger $ 25.00
Table runner for Dinner Table $ 30.00
Stationary and Printed Dinner Table Place cards $ 30.00
Ring Box $ 30.00
Picture Printing $ 20.00 (for picture frames at dinner to honor groom's deceased parents)
Wedding bands $ 1,100.00
Subtotal: $ 1,375.00
TOTAL: $ 8,378.00

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