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Pretty Posh And Elegant Wedding

beautiful sunny wedding photography

Angelina and Josh's pretty posh and elegant wedding was truly a dream. Angelina has such a soft, distinct and nothing short of stylish taste and brought every aspect of that to the table to create this stunning vision of a wedding. White was the ruling color of the day and pops of pink helped breathe life into the event and bring everything together.
After the festivities ended the bride opted to do a golden hour shoot with the groom and it's truly gorgeous. See that shoot and more in the full gallery here, photographed by Holly Felts.

grey and white wedding stationery and ring box

flower girls dressed in white

bridesmaids in white dresses

pink and white and red bouquet

Glass Chapel Venue

These two are the sweetest hearts you could ever meet and that truly shined through on their big day. They were surrounded by happy tears and giant smiles from beginning to end. Angelina planned their big day for February 13 in the intimate little Glass Chapel. Angelina couldn't have planned a better day!

classic black groomsmen with bowties

darling ring bearer and flower girl

Know What You Like

Everything complimented each other so well, but when I asked Angelina how she was such a pro at planning her wedding, her response was simply, "I just know what I liked and I did it." Josh and Angelina were a dream couple and I was beyond grateful they chose me to play a part in their special day.

glass chapel wedding ceremony venue

lavender enclosed wedding altar

Stay True To You

I could probably go on for days with advice! Planning a wedding is quite an undertaking, especially from a distance! I believe the most important thing to do is to stay true to yourselves as a couple; because that is the reason everyone is coming together, to witness your love and devotion for one another. The wedding planning process has an exceptional way of exposing the love your friends and family have for you, and it's a really beautiful thing.

light grey script escort cards

mirror seating chart

candelabra centerpieces

peach and pink and green floral centerpiece

Exploit Your Cake Love

If you have a love for two very different styles of cake (and the budget for it), exploit that on your wedding day and have two cakes! Or three, or four, we don't judge, it's cake! This couple made sure they covered the classic and the naked cake trends to get the best of both, and they both look absolutely flawless and delicious!

chocolate and berry wedding cake

white wedding cake with pink flowers

Golden Hour Portraits

To make all my fellow photog's realize what an amazing bride she was, how about this....she requested that we meet up at sunset in a field for golden hour bride and groom portraits....UH YES! I hope you all enjoy the recap of this day as much as I do...the most beautiful couple, with even more beautiful hearts!

golden hour portraits wedding

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