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Princess Pink And Gold Wedding

pink and gray wedding

Do you dream of a frothy white wedding dress and gliding through a glamorous reception on the arm of your knight in shining armor? Well you are in luck! This wedding has just about all of those, minus the shining armor bit; But this bride's groom truly did fight to win her heart.
You can read their whole love story below plus get their full budget breakdown and see even more glittery gold and pink wedding details captured by Majesta Patterson in the full gallery here.

getting wedding ready

sparkly wedding shoes and hydrangea and peony bouquet

coral JCrew bridesmaid dresses

gray and white groomsmen look

From the Bride

Our wedding...If you know me well, you know that I love vintage and anything unique. So while planning the wedding I knew I wanted just that. I am very particular when it comes to details so picking out just the right vintage decor and unique details took some time.

I, with the help of my wonderful husband, tried to stick to an informally elegant atmosphere for the wedding. I hand picked vintage china, silverware and glassware for each individual place setting. I also made large gold glitter table numbers to give the table that extra sparkle. I was even particular about every flower that was displayed and how it would be displayed. I went so far as to plan the wedding around the lifespan of the Peony since it's my favorite flower!

pick a seat not a side ceremony sign

with this ring book

outdoor wedding ceremony

just married


As for advice, I would not have gotten a petticoat with my already puffy dress! I am what you call the typical "princess" so the more puff the better but it made my dress so much more heavier and the petticoat actually ended up leaving a blood blister on my skin around my waist. After the ceremony and family pictures were taken I went to the bridal room and ended up taking it off. I felt so much better after that!

glittery love sign

our love glows firefly themed guestbook table

do sit darling seating chart

gold glitter table numbers

pink and gold reception decor

mr and mrs seat signs

lower profile pink and white centerpiece

After meeting with every vendor and thoroughly going through my vision for the day, they all delivered and understood what the look was supposed to be. The vintage rental company even went so far as to surprise me with giant glitter letters that spelled out LOVE. I couldn't be more happy with how everything turned out!

first dance

wedding cake table

Read on to hear how these two love birds met as well as see how much this princess pink and gold wedding cost. Please note that costs change as the years go by, and prices are subject to change. This is just one couple’s breakdown to give you a rough estimate on how much a wedding like this may cost you

Their Love Story:
From the Bride:
Johnni and I have known each other since the 4th grade. However, I was the one who never really cared to much for boys growing up and I never even wanted to get married. He claims in the 6th grade he asked me to be his girlfriend, but I turned him down. I have no recollection of this!
Many years passed and Facebook was invented. Johnni and I became friends on Facebook a few months after joining and we used to talk every now and then, but nothing romantic. He was so nice to invite me out to his family's restaurant for karaoke, but AGAIN I turned him down.
A few years passed and I moved to Paris to pursue a dream of mine and Johnni and I kept in touch. One day I had written a "status update" about how I was going to go see the latest Harry Potter film with one of the friends. I was so excited because I love Harry Potter! Well, little did I know, Johnni was too! Since I was living in Paris, Harry Potter had come out a week later than it did in the United States, so once Johnni saw my post he quickly commented on how good the movie was. We then struck up a 52 comments on this one status update!
Soon after, we started Skyping. One night in particular we Skyped for 5 hours! Shortly after that I returned to the United States and he took me out on our first date. Now, we joke all the time how Harry Potter was our match maker!

Budget Breakdown:
The River Mill had what you call "packages" that you purchase. Which includes ceremony site, reception hall, flowers, food, drinks, tables, chairs, china and cake. That was about $18,000.
Then there are all the little extras like the vintage decor ($1200), calligraphy ($300), wedding invites ($1100), dress ($2500), shoes ($250), jewelry ($150), veil ($700), arts and crafts for the table numbers I made, the large mason jars with the fireflies in them as well as all the doilies that were on the tables ($500), guest poster ($200)
The final budget came to about $40,000.

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