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Perfectly Purple Wedding

Rachel Solomon Photography

Is 6 months a long or short engagement in your mind? Our next Bride shows us that is is all about perspective and the gumption to get things done. This perfectly purple wedding day was DIY-ed to perfection and you can see all of it by visiting the full gallery here. Photographed by Rachel Solomon Photography.

purple wedding shoes

tea length wedding gown

wedding veil

Crafting Your Perfect Day

From the Bride: Although some may disagree, I personally considered our six month engagement to be a long one. So, during those six months I had plenty of time to plan a dreamy DIY wedding. I have always LOVED crafting so I intended to craft my heart out to make this the best day ever.

purple wedding bouquet

purple bridesmaid skirts

purple stock bouquet

Upgrade Your Guestbook

The love notes/guestbook table. Nick and I wanted something more than just a generic book filled with names of the individuals that attended our reception. We wanted something more unique and personal that fit the theme of our day. I was absolutely obsessed with how this little corner on the patio turned out

purple wedding

love notes guestbook station

purple wedding backdrop

outdoor wedding ideas

purple bride and groom style

love story chalkboard

brownie wedding favors

wedding reception ideas

shabby chic centerpiece

Kick the Cake And Have Sundaes

I’ve never been a big fan of wedding cake – but ice cream is a whole different story. Since our wedding was during the hot Arizona summer, what could be more delicious and fun than an ice cream sundae bar? When Nick and I first started dating we loved to go out for ice cream cones or Blizzards so we loved the idea of recreating this treat for our guests.

ice cream bar

ice cream sundae

To get a closer look at this perfectly purple wedding check out the wedding film Crandell Corner Video created below!


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