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This bride wore a peach dress to her luxury Armenian wedding

peach wedding dress

Bride and groom Eva and Gev were passionate about planning their 2021 Armenian wedding to be one that was unique, but that still honored traditions. Having known each other since childhood, the couple showcased their strength, love, and respect for one another throughout their entire day. It was stylish and overflowing with exceptional, luxurious taste.

Keep scrolling to see the stunning photos of their special day featuring a glamorous intensity within the photos by Chris Nova Photography of their wedding at Jellyfish Yerevan. Make sure to also click here so you don't miss a single photo in the full gallery!

alternative getting ready outfit bridal wedding makeup

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pearl wedding hair

Your gown helps set the tone of your wedding, and this entirely custom gown did just that!

We'd be remiss to not separately highlight the incredible bridal gown, which was made especially for Eva by the Armenian designer, Yerishi. The dress was designed special for Eva, taking into consideration her temperament and nature. The dress in itself combined chicness, luxury, the vibe of the bride, as well as a special lightness and elegance. And the chosen color was such a beautiful, bold decision!

bride in custom peach wedding dress by Yerishi

peach wedding dress

slicked back wedding ponytail natural wedding makeup

bride in custom peach wedding dress

The venue perfectly blended historical traditions and an elevated, contemporary luxury

Eva and Gev really wanted to preserve Armenian traditions while at the same time adding a European chic element, and they were able to in a very beautiful way. Their venue helped them do this - Jellyfish is a cozy pool-restaurant near the historical Armenian place, "Zvartnots".

traditional Armenian wedding ceremony

traditional Armenian wedding ceremony traditional Armenian wedding ceremony

peach wedding veil and peach wedding gloves

bride and groom at luxury wedding

Wanting luxury and glamour does not mean you have to sacrifice playfulness and whimsy

The location chosen by the couple included a sense of playfulness and the feeling that the couple and their guests were in an oasis. The combination of colors was soft and soothing. Because of this, the bride's gathering took place here, as well, with an Armenian blue sky, bright sun, white sand brought from a tropical beach, and beige and white colors all around. These same colors carried over into the bridal bouquet that took on the style of beach chic and elegance.

Playing off of the setting's natural colors adds that effortless, luxury feel to the entire day

Before the wedding celebration, guests were invited to spend time on the terrace near the pool with soft drinks and to take beautiful shots at sunset. The restaurant itself had a tropical style with lots of plants and stylish yet simple table service. There weren't any flashy colors - everything was very calm and intentional, including the florals by Monamie.

statement ball gown

Need a new way to get your guests involved? Have them spray paint your cake!

The cutting of the cake took place in the open air to the sound of their favorite song by the Armenian performer Nerses Avetisyan. The cake itself (by Marush) was decorated by the guests with colorful sprays!

spray pain your wedding cake

There's nothing we love more than luxury with a bit of an edge at the end of the night

This wedding can be safely called one of the most stylish weddings that still preserves the authenticity of Armenian traditions, all while bringing in chic tropical motifs and an elegant European atmosphere. It was a day to remember!

giant disco ball at wedding venue

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